Ballerina (2023) Ending Explained – Does Ok-joo get her revenge?

Ballerina Plot Summary

Ballerina is a 2023 South Korean film released globally on Netflix. This action thriller stars Kim Ji-hoon and Jeon Jong Seo, who play enemies till the end. Ok-joo is a former bodyguard trying to find a semblance of normal life after a traumatic past. She coincidentally reconnects with Min-hee, an old friend from school, and they restart their wholesome friendship. 

Ok-joo learns to appreciate life through Min-hee’s optimistic outlook. However, their friendship is cut short after Min-hee takes her life. In her suicide note, Min-hee asks Ok-joo to avenge her.

What led to Min-hee taking her life?

Min-hee was a ballerina and a part-time baker. She, unfortunately, fell into the hands of Choi Pro. Choi Pro is a drug dealer involved in human trafficking and the occasional murder that comes with the territory.

One of his side hustles is drugging random women and filming them. He then uses the video to threaten and extort money from his victims. Min-hee could no longer bear the threats and sadly took her own life. On her suicide note, she leaves behind Choi Pro’s online profile on one of the social media platforms. 

Does Ok-joo successfully find Choi Pro?

After searching  Choi through his internet profile, she finds his physical address and stalks him for a while. She soon makes her move and tricks him into taking her back to the usual motel. Choi is unable to resist and falls right into her trap.

Upon getting there, he drugs Ok-joo and proceeds to start filming her. Fortunately, Ok-joo knew of his methods and was prepared. What ensues is one hell of a fight that leaves Choi with a scar on his face and a few more wounds. Ok-joo manages to escape with the help of a high school student portrayed by Shin Se-hwi . 

Who is the High School Student? 

We only know that the young girl is one of the young ladies who are being sex trafficked by Choi’s gang. The gang uses the motel to offer their clients young girls and buy police protection.  The young girl is an enigma; we don’t know how she came to be trafficked or anything else about her. However, she is determined to escape and help Ok-joo get her revenge. 

What happens after Choi Pro survives the first attempt on his life?

Well, Ok-joo was unable to finish off Choi, thanks to the interference of his gang members. She and the high school student recollect themselves and forge a new plan. Ok-joo reaches out to an old friend to find weapons and strategise on the best way to attack the gang. 

In the meantime, Choi’s gang leader demands to know why some woman attacked Choi and messed with his business at the motel. He orders Choi to find Ok-joo and bring her to him. Choi employs the help of his friend, the chemist, to find and kill Ok-joo. Choi promises to pay the chemist 100 million Won.

They abduct Jun Jong-seo from Ok-joo’s house and wait for her return. Once Ok-joo arrives home, they catch her by surprise, and she flees through the window. Choi reports to his boss that he killed Ok-joo and buried her in the mountains. 

In retaliation for causing Min-hee’s suicide and abducting the high school student, Ok-joo visits the big boss and kills him. She demands to know the whereabouts of Choi, and a fight ensues. This time, she takes down at least more than 30 men until one of them tells her where to find Choi. 

How does Ballerina end?

After finding Choi and the chemist, Ok-joo is distracted by Jun Jong-seo, who passed out from torture. Choi takes this opportunity to shoot her. The bullet hits Ok-joo’s arm, and she runs for cover. The chemist starts helping Choi to find her. He is happy to help since there is money involved. Unfortunately, he never thought Choi would betray him and never saw the bullet coming. He is shot point blank on the head when he turns his back to Choi.  

Meanwhile,  the student wakes up and uses the gun Ok-joo dropped near her to shoot at Choi. This gives Ok-joo time to recover and reach for her other gun. She finally shoots Choi and disarms him. They later take him to a beach and savagely burn him to death. 

The movie ends with Ok-joo dropping by Choi’s house and taking away all the videos he recorded raping his victims. She drives off into the sunset, thinking about Min-hee dancing in the ocean as she always wanted to be a fish in her next life. 


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  1. I wanted to know what the papers at the end of the movie were. After she got all the videos, she grabbed a book with a bunch of times and places. What were those places?

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  3. Thank you for your K-drama and -movie reviews and “endings explained”. Just wanted to correct something, though. Jun Jong-seo is the actress taking on the lead role of Jang Ok-joo. Jun Jong-seo is not a character in this movie. Then, the actress Shin Se-hwi plays the role of the female student being sex trafficked. I think her character in the movie is not named.

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