Baki Hanma – Season 2 Episode 26 Recap & Review


Episode 26 of Baki Hanma season 2 commences with the display of Dress as Yujiro grabs Baki by the foot. He swings him over his shoulders and under his arm, just like a nun chuck. He begins to aggressively swing Baki around like a pair of nunchucks, putting extreme pressure on Baki’s head. The centrifugal force causes blood to accumulate in the brain and flow out through the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Everything Baki sees turns red due to the overwhelming rush of blood into his eyes, something the aviation industry calls a red out.

This technique feels like doing a hammer throw inside a closed room, and people flee the site as it gets too dangerous to be there. Oliva comes to the realization that Baki isn’t just being used as a weapon, and Yujiro begins to slam his lifeless body relentlessly into the smashed car. All of Yujiro’s acquaintances watch in astonishment as Baki gets battered.

On completion, Yujiro sets Baki down, and Baki lands on his feet with a snide look on his face. He tells Yujiro about a special present he has to offer and hands him a samurai doll he made. On questioning, Yujiro learns that Baki crafted it while being swung at the car, dodging and destroying sharp objects. He was astounded by Baki’s accuracy despite the extreme pressure. 

Yujiro asks Baki what the special thing is that he was referring to earlier, and Baki relentlessly attacks Yujiro with a flurry of devastating kicks and punches. He forces Yujiro to start walking backward as he delivers some massive blows. Yujiro reflects on the fact that after several years of being at his peak, boredom was killing him internally. He had nothing to aim at and nothing to look up to, as his strength could fetch him everything he desired.

He recognizes Baki as a bona fide Hanma as he seeks to rekindle the father-son relationship. Baki hits him with another severe strike to the abdomen, and he appreciates the strength behind that strike. He recalls his journey throughout the world as he sought a worthy opponent—all this until he realized the answer wasn’t anything he could seek from the world but instead was a part of him. This is what led to the creation of Baki.

Baki questions him about the first time a child gets a toy in his hands. He goes on to explain that they play with it a lot initially but later end up breaking it and throwing it away, implying that is going to happen in some way or form.

Just then, Kozue appears out of the crowd to speak with the two. She accuses them of throwing a couple of punches, then getting sentimental and returning to fighting repetitively. Baki and Yujiro continue to unleash devastating punches upon each other as Baki explains the complexity of the father-son relationship and the joy of being each other’s only practice dummies, as no one else could ever match up to their level.

Yujiro manages to hurl Baki away and uses the time to thank Kozue for being someone who opposed Baki’s actions, but she makes it clear that her intentions weren’t to make him stronger. He tells her to leave right away, and Baki agrees. She refuses to leave until they stop, but the duo continues to clash in her presence. 

Tens of thousands of people gathered to witness the wildness that they were never able to achieve. People began to realize that this father-son fight wasn’t discourse. Instead, it was harmony. In battle, Baki sits over the shoulders of his dad as he takes a walk. 

They sense the end of the feast and prepare themselves. Yujiro asks Baki if he did everything he wanted. Baki gets off his dad’s shoulders and immediately goes for a suplex, slamming Yujiro into the ground. He continues to attack Yujiro with powerful kicks and punches until Yujiro uses the same strike he used on Baki’s mother. He smacks Baki on both sides of his head, drawing blood from his ears. 

The Episode Review

This episode continues the fight between Baki and Yuijiro as the two reveal new techniques in combat. This fight manifests an unusually hopeless side of Baki as he gets absolutely beaten down by Yujiro.

The focal point of this chapter, however, is the appearance of Baki’s grandfather, who appears right before Baki is about to submit to the fight. This shines a beacon of hope despite the disparity in strength. The name of the demon on the back of the Hanmas is revealed to be Oni, a fierce demon. Despite being father and son, Yuichiro and Yujiro seem to be very different warriors but are characterized by the same superhuman strength.

The appearance of Yuichiro can be a turning point in Baki’s fate, and Baki capitalized fully on it.

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