Baki Hanma – Season 2 Episode 25 Recap & Review

Son, Father and …

Episode 25 of Baki Hanma season 2 commences with the newly taken-up challenge of quick draw. To eliminate the uncertainty of a trigger moment, Yujiro offers to do a countdown to 5 on his fingers before punching Baki. He doesn’t give Baki any time to accept the challenge and begins the countdown.

On the count of 5, Baki sharply descends his entire body, releasing his hands from his pockets and allowing Yujiro’s arm to graze his jaw. While in mid-air, Baki wraps his legs around Yujiro’s arm, locking it, and pins him down, putting him into a submission hold. Baki gets a feeling of accomplishment as Yujiro’s acquaintances mock Yujiro for his complacency. 

This moment is short-lived as Yujiro lifts his right hand up and punches through the asphalt and out the other side to land a punch on Baki. Oliva explains that to Yujiro, asphalt isn’t what it is to everyone, and pinning an opponent to gelatin isn’t pinning at all.

Hanayama and Chiharu discuss the news of Baki’s fight with his father and agree on wanting to see them fight in person. 

Baki stands face-to-face against Yujiro with his pants wet. Yujiro mocks him for this, but Baki remains adamant about winning no matter what. Baki throws another kick, which is countered by a rolling kick from Yujiro. The two sticks land in the same pose.

Yujiro expresses his boredom due to the lack of a serious opponent and proceeds to unleash a firm kick to Baki’s abdomen, sending him flying into a van. He follows up with relentless strikes, attempting to drain the life out of Baki.

A group of archeologists discovers an inscription on the wall of a figure with a demon back in a large chamber of the pyramids. It has carvings of several weapons pointed at the back, symbolizing that it takes an entire army to face it all at once.

Baki sustains massive damage from the flurry of attacks and is almost on the brink of giving up. He manages to summon every last ounce of energy, stands up, and tells Yujiro that he has had enough and is proud to have a dad as strong as him.

Just then, Yujiro sees a ghost of his father, Yuichiro Hanma, standing at the back and is spooked at the sight of him. Baki is surprised to see his grandfather. However, Yuichiro isn’t visible to anyone except a handful. Yuichiro encourages Baki, saying he can beat Yujiro if he wants to, and he knows it.

Tokugawa goes on to narrate the story of the battle of Okinawa in World War Two. He talks about the tiny, solitary island 12 kilometers off the shore of Okinawa, where 1000 tons of explosives were launched against one single man, Yuichiro Hanma. 

After the attack, troops were sent in to find and recover the body of Yuichiro Hanma. Halfway into the search, they find Yuichiro holding a soldier by his neck, twisted at a funny angle. Learning about this, General James also sought to use the atomic bomb against a single man. This couldn’t go through, as Japan had already surrendered and the USA had come to an agreement not to use the atomic bomb.

Soon Yuichiro brought an end to General James by slamming his body through the deck of the ship. Frightened by the power of the Oni, all 2000 men on board plunged themselves into the sea, trying to save themselves. 

After the disappearance of Yuichiro, he remembers his dad’s best technique, Dress.

The Episode Review

This episode continues the fight between Baki and Yujiro as the two reveal new techniques to combat each other. This fight manifests an unusually hopeless side of Baki as he gets absolutely beaten down by Yujiro.

The focal point of this chapter, however, is the appearance of Baki’s grandfather, who appears right before Baki is about to submit to the fight. This shines a beacon of hope despite the disparity in strength. The name of the demon on the back of the Hanmas is revealed to be Oni, a fierce demon. Despite being father and son, Yuichiro and Yujiro seem to be very different warriors but are characterized by the same superhuman strength. The appearance of Yuichiro can be the turning point in Baki’s fate.

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