Baki Hanma – Season 2 Episode 24 Recap & Review

Tears Swelling

Episode 24 begins as Baki takes the Triceratops form he used against Pickle. The body of the young fighter suddenly dissipates, leaving behind only a projection of the 26-foot-tall beast. Baki charges ahead with full force, pushing back Yujiro until they run into a car. He continues to push until the car flips over. Yujiro is impressed by this display of strength.

Yujiro decides to display a form fist of his own as he assumes the fist of the strongest beast of all, the form fist of Yujiro Hanma. With an instant flex of muscles, Yujiro tears apart his own shirt, revealing the demon back, as an intense shockwave is released. Yujiro goes ahead to unleash a punch, blasting another surge of energy meters away towards Baki. The invisible force gains physical form.

Baki goes ahead to compliment the Yujiro form, as it embodies his features perfectly. The two approach each other, and Baki takes him down with a lightning-speed strike. Yujiro appreciates this strike and offers to give Baki a pat on the head. He tries to convince Baki that he is proud of his achievements. This brings tears to the eyes of most who know the two, including Baki. A feeling of pain emerges 5 inches below Baki’s collarbone as tears begin to pour out.

Yujiro approaches Baki to give him a pat on the head, but at the last moment, Baki moves out of the way and insists they continue fighting. Yujiro grabs Baki by his arm and begins to squeeze it, holding him up in midair. He proceeds to pat Baki on the head forcefully, as if he is bullying him. Baki finds himself unable to move. Baki attempts to free himself by attempting to kick Yujiro, but Yujiro blocks the kick by pushing Baki’s head into it.

Yujiro initiates a series of kicks and punches as he lectures him about true strength. Yujiro unleashes blows with his full strength and sets Baki down, suffering in pain. Yujiro stands at Baki’s head, deciding if he should end it with a punch or a stomp, but is interrupted by Pickle. Baki instantly jumps up, hitting Pickle in the jaw with a fierce punch, knocking out his tooth.

Pickle is deeply infuriated by this but realizes he should not meddle in another man’s fight. Yujiro takes position to strike Baki but is predicted and attempted to counter by Baki, which is in turn predicted and countered by Yujiro, sending Baki to the ground once again. Yujiro attempts to end the match with a lightning-speed roundhouse kick but is swiftly evaded by Baki. 

As the dust settles, Baki is found standing in Yujiro’s pose with his hands in his pockets. He makes it clear that if he cannot match up in strength or size, he will get creative with a strategy to take down Yujiro. The two stand face to face with their hands in their pockets as they prepare for a match of quick draw, just like two swordsmen or gunslingers in older times, bringing it down to a matter of split seconds. 

The Episode Review

The fight continues as both fighters go neck-to-neck, revealing new techniques, with Yujiro dominating most of the rounds. The chapter tries to depict the deeper underlying notions of Baki’s relationship with his father, adding to its depth. This episode brings back Baki’s opponent from Part 1 of the season, as the primitive man attempts to offer help out of respect for Baki. 

The season had made it difficult to estimate Baki’s progress, as most of the action was devoid of Baki’s fights except for a few. The narrative of the fight does get a little monotonous with the fight prolonging across multiple episodes, but at the same time, the entire storyline has been leading up to this fight, making it justifiable.

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