Baki Hanma – Season 2 Episode 21 Recap & Review

Father & Son Dining

Episode 21 of Baki Hanma season 2 begins with a conversation Yujiro has with Strydum as they discuss his dinner plans with Baki. Strydum is unable to comprehend that his food is indeed edible. Strydum questions the father-son dynamic, implying Yujiro has become soft. Yujiro gets infuriated and makes him eat his words.

Baki informs Mr.Tokugawa and Mr.Shibukawa about his upcoming fight with his dad. Mr.Tokugawa encourages him to fight and promises to keep the civilians safe, as requested by Baki. Mr. Shibukawa, on the other hand, urges him not to as the risk is too high.

Yujiro has a conversation with Doppo Orochi as he romanticizes the idea of a fight with his son, and Doppo agrees. He also tells him about recent dreams in which Baki defeats him numerous times. He, however, arrogantly claims that these are only dreams and can never become reality.

The same night, Baki prepares dinner and sets the table as he awaits his father’s arrival. Yujiro arrives, and they sit to dine. Without saying a word, Yujiro bows before beginning to eat. Yujiro also disciplines Baki, stopping him from mindlessly stuffing food into his mouth.

Baki attempts to make small talk as he compliments the seaweed he has been eating for a while. Yujiro corrects him, claiming it has food coloring, preservatives, and all sorts of chemicals that degrade health. He encourages him to keep an open mind and allow the body to convert the food into flesh and blood.

The display of mannerisms confuses Baki, who believes he has been misinterpreting his father all along. He feels incredibly proud of his dad and decides it is a good reason to ask him to do the dishes after. Baki musters up some courage and hesitantly asks Yujiro to do the dishes, expecting him to explode. He breathes a sigh of relief as his father suggests they play a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who does it.

Baki and his dad get on with playing the game, as Baki throws a rock and Yujiro throws scissors. Baki is extremely happy with the favorable outcome; however, Yujiro goes on to crush Baki’s fist with his fingers. He claims that there are scissors in the world that actually cut rocks, and he sends Baki to do the dishes.

After dinner, Yujiro leaves the house and sees the police standing at a distance. Within the blink of an eye, he appears in front of a guard holding him up by the collar. The police fled the scene, worried for their safety. Baki ponders the invitation from his dad to take him out for dinner the next evening.

The next day, Baki shows up at the posh hotel dressed in casual wear. The manager greets him and shows him the reservation. Looking at the ambiance, Baki asks the manager about his dad’s eating habits. Just then, Yujiro arrives and confronts Mr.Nonaka.

Yujiro takes the opportunity to shame Baki about his appearance. Baki tactfully throws it back, claiming he had no one to teach him how to be a civilized man, as his dad only taught him to get strong and stay strong. Yujiro is infuriated but simply asks Baki to sit down.

Yujiro begins to educate Baki on table manners and nutrition as they relish the luxurious food. After dinner, Baki confronts Youjiro about killing his mother and demands an explanation. Yujiro gets incredibly angry, but Baki still persists and goes on to grab Yujiro by his collar.

The Episode Review

This episode takes an unthinkable turn as Yujiro sets aside time to sit down and share a dinner with Baki. It completely reverses the usual dynamic, with Baki exhibiting dominance, an unusual behavior considering his typical fear of Yujiro. The usually timid Baki adopts a bold fa├žade challenging his father by going as far as to grab his collar.

The chapter also challenges the viewer’s perception of Yujiro as a person. This twist adds an intriguing layer to his character, highlighting the stark contrast between his disciplined mannerisms and his overwhelming strength and nonchalance.

The ending leaves us at the brink of a conflict erupting between Baki and Yujiro which seems to be the goal of the season.

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