Baki Hanma – Season 2 Episode 17 Recap & Review

The Legendary Promoter

Episode 17 of Baki Hanma Season 2 opens with the new Japanese President meeting Ozma, the President of the United States. They sit down with other important heads of state to discuss the problem at hand. The Japanese president addresses the issue – the battle between father and son.

He believes they should assist in the incident. There are mixed opinions on the table, with some wanting to assist, while others think it’s not a good idea. Ozma shows them a tiny glass bottle filled with powdered coal. In an attempt to show off power, he boasts about asking the Ogre to crush it for him, and he happily obliges.

Just then, everyone’s jaw drops as Yujiro walks into the room. The entire security of the building lies unconscious and ineffective against the Ogre. The Ogre is infuriated by the president’s wording. He takes the glass bottle, crushes it whole with his bare hands, and pours the powder in the shape of a cross to demonstrate his strength. He then commands Ozma to repeat the oath he had made while signing the peace treaty.

Yujiro stops Ozma as he pledges the United States will not interfere in his life, slamming him for his hypocrisy. Ozma hesitantly claims their intentions were only to protect the innocent people as their clash is equivalent to that of two nations. Yujiro leaves their presence, warning them to stay out of his sight.

Kaiser, the world-famous boxing promoter, arrives in Japan. Back at the gym, Retsu maintains his position for hours without making any movements. Kaiser arrives and requests a moment of his time to demonstrate his skills. Retsu walks over, puts on the largest glove available, and proceeds to do a shadow punch so quickly that his fist bursts out through the other side of the glove. Upon completion, Retsu belittles himself for picking up the oldest glove on the shelf, but Kaiser is impressed by the fighter.

Initially, Kaiser begins by introducing the 150-year-old Queensbury rules, followed by an opportunity to win millions of dollars, but this simply doesn’t seal the deal for Retsu. Kaiser switches his approach, claiming it will offer him the opportunity to face monsters and terrible creatures, offering him a chance to prove the old martial arts against the new one. Retsu finds this intriguing and accepts the offer to go to the United States and fight.

The two, along with the coach, fly out to the United States. The next day, Baki prepares himself a hefty breakfast and seems to be talking to himself, but he is actually envisioning his father dining with him. He fabricates an argument breaking out against his dad and prepares to fight.

Later that day, Kozue stops by to ask him who is staying with him. The two go on a walk together, and Baki suggests she stay with him if she worries so much.

Baki later practices fighting in his basement and observes a cockroach crawl on his wall as he exclaims, “teacher.” He romanticizes the speed of the cockroach, being a creature that can crawl up to speeds 50 times its body length in a second. If a human were to do that, they would travel at the speed of 168 miles per hour, which is the limit of physical endurance.

Baki realizes the key to the speed is the fluid-like internals of the cockroach and not sturdy muscles. He loosens his body and melts to the ground. His strikes are so swift he leaves behind a figure of sweat which eventually falls to the ground.

Retsu arrives in the US and overlooks Las Vegas from the hotel in disappointment. He expresses how despicable it is to see an entire city full of fakes, including fake monuments. Kaiser defends them, claiming they are top-quality fakes. He also claims the world is full of third-rate things that claim to be the real deal, including people.

This forces Retsu to realize the number of second-rate fighting styles in Kung Fu that were only in use because they were handed down. Kaiser offers him a glass of drinks, suggesting he can use his drunken Kung Fu style.

Later that night, the three watch the former champion secure his 31st victory in the ring. Kaiser jumps into the ring and grabs the mic to introduce the new challenger to Boxing. Retsu jumps into the ring as Kaiser announces his Kung Fu as the most powerful opponent of Boxing.

The Episode Review

This episode brings us closer to the anticipated clash between father and son, emphasizing its gravity through the meeting between the Heads of State. The anime deftly avoids discussions about using snipers and nuclear weapons to eliminate Yujiro Hanma due to international interests.

This also highlights Retsu’s journey as he earns his first official boxing match, developing its own storyline within the larger narrative.

It’s hilarious to see the anime attempt to ground the characters in the realm of humanity despite their evident superhuman abilities. Nevertheless, this creative approach adds an extra layer of intrigue to the show.

Baki appears to be displaying signs of mental deterioration with his recent actions. This could subtly indicate the pressure he’s under as the showdown with his father approaches. Another interpretation is based on the fact that this anime often constructs scenarios to convey specific messages, potentially using this as a buildup to justify certain future actions which might also be the case.

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