Baki Hanma – Season 2 Episode 14 Recap & Review

Dying for Love

Episode 14 begins with Baki undergoing a brain scan under the supervision of Kureha Shinogi. He informs Baki about the immeasurable amount of damage his body has sustained and continues to examine the results of the brain scan after Baki leaves.

Kureha is astonished by the results and calls for Dr. Mogi, the country’s foremost neuroscientist, with a shaky voice. Dr. Mogi arrives and understands Kureha’s shock as he observes the folds of the brain forming a pattern resembling a demon. Being a neuroscientist and carefully choosing his words, Dr. Mogi can’t help but acknowledge that the brain appears to belong to a demon.

That same evening in Tokyo, a surging mob of panicking rats is captured in the next day’s newspaper without any mention of the cause. Baki’s presence in the park triggered their instincts.

Kozue sits on her bed, recalling the moments she spent with Muhammad Ali as she comforts him, her clothes soaked in his tears as he weeps. Ali realizes that she isn’t his to take romantically; it’s a motherly love, not a romantic one. He leaves, feeling honored to be loved at all.

The next morning, Baki bumps into Kozue on the way to school. It’s their first time meeting in a very long time. Kozue tries to make him jealous by saying she’s been having a great time, but Baki only shows how happy he is for her. She expresses her thoughts with a kick, and the two grow closer as they walk.

Later that day, Baki is attacked by a group of thugs for his wallet. Baki does not retaliate as their attacks have no effect, until one of the thugs suggests using a knife. As the thug draws his knife, it seems to shrink in size until it becomes as small and useless as a peanut.

This encounter is interrupted by Mr. Kuriyagawa, who warns the thugs about who they are facing.

The two head to a café and have a conversation over a cup of tea. Having a connection with Baki since childhood, Mr. Kuriyagawa knows Baki’s origin story. The two recall the night Baki was defeated by his father, causing his mother to be crushed to death right in front of his eyes.

They also discuss his mother’s past and her meeting Yujiro after being married to Eiichi Akezawa. Mr. Kuriyagawa highlights her constant approval-seeking actions in her desire to be loved by Yujiro and how it impacted her relationship with Baki. Yujiro only wanted her for one reason: to raise a son stronger than him. She chose romantic love over maternal love, putting pressure on Baki to please Yujiro. Baki complied as he desired his mother’s love.

Mr. Kuriyagawa uses this to illustrate her selfishness and how it affected Baki, aiming to convince him to give up fighting Yujiro to avenge his mother.

Baki counters as he narrates his point of view of the incident, recalling her final moments. After being beaten down by his father, she stepped in and punched Yujiro in the face, asking him to fight her despite knowing the consequences. Baki sees it as her realizing her mistake and standing up for him, regardless of the consequences.

Mr. Kuriyagawa realizes what drives Baki’s actions. He isn’t fighting to impress his father or avenge his mother, but rather because of what she did that day and to repay her. He apologizes for his shortsightedness and bows.

The Episode Review

This episode picks up from the end of the first part. The story seems to be taking a different route separate from the Pickle Wars Saga as Baki now takes on a new mission. This episode speaks extensively about Baki’s family relationship dynamic as Mr. Kuriyagawa tries to talk him out of fighting Yujiro.

It brings to light two completely different perspectives of Baki’s mother’s actions. Although both perspectives are against each other, both still hold true and coexist. Doing this, the episode sets a definite direction for the season as his motives behind fighting and surpassing his father are established.

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