Baki – Part 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Team Formed!

Episode 4 of Baki part 3 begins with Sea King Chin and Japan’s sole Sea King, Jaku, fighting in the arena. While the fight rages on, behind the scenes Baki and Yujiro come face to face. Baki tells his Father he doesn’t brag about fighting and reveals that even if he’s a little bit stronger than his Father, then that’s enough for him. Removing his shirt, he asks Yujiro whether he’s ready to fight.

Sensing Baki’s legs starting to shake, Yujiro takes the opportunity to press Baki up against the wall and with his brute strength, knocks him through to the other side and walking away. When Baki heads back in he shamefully admits to himself that he’s secretly feeling relieved.

Back on stage, Chin suggests to Jaku that they team up together. Before he receives a reply however, he dislocates Jaku’s shoulder and tells him to wait for him outside.

Sea King Retsu meanwhile, takes to the stage next and wins in a battle of brute strength with his grip, thanks to past experiences and intense training. Kaku approaches him backstage after his win and asks how he’s finding the tournament. Retsu admits that it’s disappointing, prompting the wheelchair-bound man to rise up and introduce Shunsei and his friend Shobun Ron, who will team up to form the Chinese Allied Powers. The sole intent being for this coalition to go up against the Japan-US outsiders in a last ditch effort to make sure the Sea King title remains with the Chinese.

Retsu decides to join them after revealing this news to Baki and the others, going on to brag and admit that his team will beat the Japan-US alliance across all five fights. Yujiro and the others accept the offer as Baki’s Father outstretches his hand to his son and the two form an unlikely duo. Despite Baki’s hatred toward his kin, he agrees to team up for now.

Biscuit Oliva prepares for his fight, taking to the stage while Shobun Ron stands before him, ready for the fight at hand. As Ron blocks Oliva’s attack with one hand, Ron still has his other buried in his pocket as he skips past this attack and kicks Oliva square in the jaw, sending him high in the air.

After the opening quarter of this series has shown how strong the fighters are and how much they’ve surpassed the Sea Kings at the tournament, Baki has done a decent job turning that around and introducing this 5-on-5 fight instead. Given how strong Shobun Ron seems to be, it’ll be interesting to see how this fight pans out next episode.


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