Baki – Part 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review


After his victory, episode 3 of Baki part 3 begins with our hero wolfing down a whole stack of delicious, steaming hot dishes. For dessert however, Retsu gives him 14 kilograms of sugar water to help recover his muscles in record time. His recovery certainly isn’t complete just yet but this may just be what he needs to get back to winning ways and bring back the Baki we’ve come to know in the past

Meanwhile, Sea Emperor Kaku fights the Sea King Samwan in the arena, rising from his wheelchair and defeating the behemoth within seconds. Kaku humiliates him, dodging his kick and pulling his shorts down. The final humilation comes from him flicking his genitals. This small act causes Samwan to buckle over and Kaku declared the immediate winner.

Backstage, he tells the eager reporters that if you have perfect timing then speed is no longer required. Kaku walks away the victor while a beaten and bruised Samwan is teased by Yujiro who tries to provoke him. When the Sea Emperor tries to strike however, Yujiro sees it coming and face-plants him to the ground.

Baki meanwhile recovers from his poisoned state and finds himself revived, wishing to fight. Retsu is beside himself with glee and repeatedly chants for his good health.

After Sea King Yoh disposes of his opponent in record time, he’s humbled backstage and provoked into returning to the stage to fight Biscuit Oliva. This impromptu fight gets underway but immediately Biscuit Oliva crushes the diamond pose this Sea King adopts and destroys him without a moment’s hesitation, which is where the episode ends.

With lots of little skirmishes bubbling up this time rather than a big fight across the episode, Baki continues to build up the formidable fighters entered in this tournament and sets the stage nicely for the upcoming episodes in this third part. Baki has certainly settled into its role well and given how quickly this has adopted the craziness of the previous parts, Baki is certainly not an anime to take seriously. If you can take to the action however, there’s a lot of it here and the bone-crunching fights are certainly worth their weight in gold.


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