Baki – Part 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Centennial Tournament

The previous season of Baki ended things on quite the cliffhanger, as Baki remains poisoned in his previous fight and rushed to hospital in China. While he recovers, episode 1 of Baki part 3 begins with Yujiro and Mohammad Alai Jr discussing Mohammad’s Father, a man who he happened to fight in the past. Where Mohammad failed, Alai Jr. promises to succeed.

Accepting his challenge, Yujiro laughs off Mohammad’s speed and adopts a new pose, lying on the floor. Only, Mohammad takes his cue and leaves the room having seen this move before in the past.

It’s here we cut to see Baki learning about the Great Raitai Tournament and Retsu entering him despite his compromised situation. At the same time, Alai Jr. sees that very same technique Yujiro tried to use on him and strikes his foe with venomous speed, breaking his jaw and leaving him in a crumpled heap on the ground.

The day of the Great Raitai Tournament begins and the 12 Warriors are introduced. The official bracket begins not long after with Yujiro the only name revealed to begin with and the others uncovered one at a time to provide a veil of fairness.

Baki tries to talk to his Father though but he brushes him off, telling Baki to leave the stage. Turning his attention to the challenge the promoters have put on, Yujiro smashes through the entire stack of tiles with ease, calling it a pointless endeavour.

Sea King Ryu challenges him though, subsequently resulting in Yujiro scoffing at the notion and ripping his challenger’s face off, splashing blood over the ground in the process. Despite winning the round, Sea King Retsu arrives and demands he fight. Only, Ryu isn’t done yet and tries one more strike, subsequently landing on the ground in a heap.

With lots of action and picking up right where we left off, Baki wastes little time sinking into the same rhythm as before and delivering another good episode of action. Yujiro’s nasty streak is plain to see and quite whether Baki can best him or not this season, remains to be seen.


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