Baki – Part 3 Episode 11 Recap & Review


Episode 11 of Baki part 3 begins with Alai Jr standing before his Father, dubbed the greatest boxer of all time, waiting to fighting his son. Alai Jr. runs at him and receives a swift punch to the face for his troubles. It’s a simple, quick and frighteningly devastating fight for Alai Jr who lies in a crumpled heap on the ground after this devastating strike from his Father.

Having now lost four fights in a row, Alai Jr eventually gets back up, prompting him and Mohammad to discuss fight ethics. While they do, a messenger arrives with good news – Baki has agreed to fight Alai Jr on one condition – he must be at his best. When Alai Jr hears this, it spurs him on to fight with all his might, pummeling the punching bag with renewed vigor as his Father watches on.

On the back of this, Yujiro meets Mohammad at his house and they discuss Baki’s acceptance of the fight. As the two shake hands, we cut across to see Alai Jr and Kozue walking together, the former discussing how much he despises Baki. As the episode closes out, he promises to beat Yujiro’s son as we gear up for, presumably, the final fight of this third part.

While there isn’t much fighting save for the one-punch knockout early on, the reveal that Baki has accepted Alai Jr’s challenge is enough to spur you on to watch the next episode. While it’s not necessarily a filler per-se, this is probably as close to one as you’re likely to get in Baki. Despite that though, the episode does a good enough job to keep things interesting and the fight between Alai Jr and Baki certainly promises to be quite the match-up.


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