Baki – Part 3 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Stand And Fight

After his previous win, Episode 10 of Baki part 3 sees Alai Jr. meet Jack Hammer, Baki’s half-brother. After learning he takes steroids, Alai Jr. agrees to fight despite the obvious unfair advantage. At the same time, his Father continues to showcase what he’s made of to the reporter that arrives, rolling back the years despite his illness and showing how quick he really is.

Meanwhile, the fight between Jack Hammer and Alai begins, and the latter is knocked down to the ground in a bloody heap. He gets back up and continues to fight though, a move that sees Jack Hammer hit him so hard it rips the boy’s tongue. Slumped down on the side, Jack Hammer walks away after beating Alai Jr to a pulp.

5 days later, a beaten and bruised Alai Jr. heads out for dinner with Kozue before Shibukawa gets his revenge following the previous fight with Alai Jr. The tables turn in this fight too, as he throws the boxer around and causes another crushing defeat to come his way again. Is third time a charm? Unfortunately not for Alai Jr, who goes toe to toe with Oroci again but once again ends up losing.

Battered and bruised, Alai Jr is brought before his Father who requests a fight without gloves. After so many crushing defeats, will Alai Jr be able to topple his Father?

Given how confident and cocky Alai Jr has been throughout this third part, Baki delivers an interesting episode that humbles Alai Jr with multiple defeats back to back. It’s a nice idea that helps build his character up. Quite how he’ll react to fighting his father however, is another matter. For now though, Baki delivers another pretty good episode, even if it’s a far cry from some of the earlier exciting action at the tournament.


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