Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 6 “Splash” Recap & Review


In episode 6 of Bad Sisters, Bibi keeps away from her sisters, too upset about what happened during the paintball party.

Ursula wants to keep trying to kill John Paul, but Eva insists they cease all efforts until Bibi comes back out of her shell.

Becka, meanwhile, continues to visit John Paul’s mother, Minna. Minna is always talking about her husband coming back, but JP is harsh with her when she talks this way. He adamantly claims his father is never returning.

Minna, at this point, has so bonded with Becka (despite JP’s wishes) that she gifts her with a check for 8,000 euro. 

Grace attends an art class, but becomes shy when she’s told to paint a nude model. The model comes up to her after the class and talks to her about being comfortable in her own body–something which should have nothing to do with her husband.

In the present day, Matt discovers the check that Minna made out to Becka. Months passed, and she never cashed it. Still, Matt takes a picture of it.

Roger comes across Tom parked outside Grace’s home. He tells the insurance agent that there was no such thing as being friends with John Paul–and that it’s a shame JP didn’t die the first time he tried to kill himself. 

Tom didn’t know about this. So, he asks Grace if JP ever tried to harm himself.

Back in the past, we see Roger showing kindness to Grace. But John Paul notices too, and he doesn’t like it. Fulfilling his plan, he calls the police, claiming his son “Oscar” is in a local church group and that he suspects Roger has acted inappropriately towards him. Later in the episode, cops come and take Roger away.

Grace takes the model’s advice and buys a new robe, wanting to feel good in her body. But JP dashes her hopes of seducing him. “What do you think you look like?” he asks. When she suggests he could “take something” so they can start having sex again, he tells her to get a grip. 

Later, Grace confesses her sexual frustrations to Eva, who gifts her with a vibrator. She sneaks into the bathroom one night to use it, but can’t go through with it. She turns it off, and hides it in the corner of the bathroom.

In the present day, Tom questions Grace. She skirts around details to his questions, but she says this isn’t because she has anything to hide. It’s simply too hard to talk about. She doesn’t like talking about JP’s suicide attempt because he didn’t like talking about it either.

Back in the past, Ursula still wants to kill John Paul, but Eva says Becka has to first make things right with Bibi. So, Becka pays her a visit. She tells her that her only mistake was thinking this plan was for her when it’s for Grace.

She then informs Bibi about their new plan. Tomorrow night, they are going to roofie John Paul and put him in a full bath. They need Bibi with them. After all, if they don’t finish the job, what has this man lost his eye for?

Ursula gets her hands on the drug they need, which they plan to put in his nasal spray. 

John Paul finds Grace’s vibrator and confronts her. He tells her it’s her own fault he doesn’t want her in bed. This causes Grace to run off and get some space from her husband.

That night, the sisters go through with their plan. They drug JP’s nasal spray and hide. When John Paul returns, he calls Grace. If she doesn’t come home, he says, “God knows what I’ll do.”

After using his nasal spray, he passes out. But–not according to the sisters’ plan–he sleepwalks. The sisters watch from their hiding places as he urinates in the closet. They then follow in a car as he goes out to his own car and drives to the docks.

John Paul walks to his boat, but he falls in the water. The sisters watch from their car, remembering–he can’t swim.

The Episode Review

It’s so wonderful to see Grace slowly grow into herself in this episode! But, in a frightening portrayal of abusive relationships, John Paul does something to make her feel small every time she experiences any growth or happiness.

We saw some beautiful character growth in Grace as she finally stood up to her husband (in a way) by getting some space from him. It sadly only stands to reason, however, that this “suicide attempt” will cause Grace to question her actions and only tie her more securely to John Paul should he survive. And I think he will.

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