Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 5 “Eye for an Eye” Recap & Review

Eye for an Eye

In episode 5 of Bad Sisters, Tom and Matt pay a visit to Bibi and ask her about an incident involving JP. Bibi reveals that two car crashes have had great significance in her life. In one, her parents died. In another–with John Paul–she lost her eye.

Of course, the insurance agents are automatically suspicious of her, but Bibi insists she didn’t blame John Paul for the accident.

At that point, Bibi’s wife Nora comes in with Becka. Not realizing how incriminating her words are, Nora talks about how John Paul ruined Bibi’s life. After Tom and Matt leave, Bibi makes Becka swear to stop seeing Matt.

At Tom’s place, his pregnant and bedridden wife asks Matt to help her get to the bottom of the Garvey case. She can’t stand how stressed Tom is about it. So, she directs Matt to where Tom’s files are so he can do some snooping for her.

Nothing comes up when Matt searches for John Paul’s policy, but he does find something unexpected: a suicide note from his father.

When Tom returns, Matt punches him in the face. He confronts him about their father and why Tom let him believe he died from an accidental overdose.

Tom admits to Matt that their father never filed their clients’ policies. He simply took their money and spent it. If it comes out that Tom covered up his father’s actions, he’ll go to jail. He even more desperate to avoid paying John Paul’s claim than Matt thought.

Unable to process all this information, Matt seeks out Becka. They sleep together, despite the knowledge that they are not on the same side.

A flashback to the past shows Bibi conspiring to kill John Paul during a paintball event for his birthday party. She mentions wanting to shoot the hole in his head that resulted from the crash.

Meanwhile, Roger is frustrated that Oscar (aka John Paul) keeps messaging him inappropriately.

Grace, motivated by Blánaid, signs up for dance class. Right after she leaves, John Paul tortures their cat by spraying it with water, causing it to run into the street and be run over. JP leaves the animal in the street, telling no one about what happened.

A nervous Grace runs out of her dance class way before it ends. When she returns, she thinks she’s run over the cat. Blánaid blames her, and John Paul doesn’t correct either of them.

JP continues to try to make Eva look bad to their boss. Meanwhile, Bibi practices her kill by shooting a watermelon with paint pellets, but it doesn’t explode the fruit. Losing her eye in the car crash motivates her to keep trying. She tells Eva she will kill him; he ruined her life. Eva tries to remind her that they are doing this for Grace and Blánaid–not for revenge.

Bibi keeps practising, and remembers back to the car crash. John Paul was giving her a ride in the rain. He started to drive incredibly fast and laughed when Bibi voiced her nerves, disregarding the fact that her parents died in a crash. She asked him repeatedly to stop the car. When he didn’t, she screamed and grabbed the wheel, causing them to crash.

Bibi then focuses an arrow on the watermelon, and… bullseye. She later realizes she can freeze the paintballs. She does so, shoots the watermelon again–and it explodes. 

Later, Eva goes out with her co-worker, Gabriel. They run into her ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago, whom Eva says did not deal well with the fact that she can’t have kids. 

Afterwards, Eva and Gabriel get drunk on his boat. She starts to undress, but he stops her, saying he’s given her the wrong idea. He’s gay. He didn’t know how to tell her, but he loves spending time with her.

She’s initially hurt that he’s strung her along and leaves the boat. But she soon returns and lies down with him. They chat, and eventually, they laugh about the situation.

The day comes for paintball, but John Paul organizes the event in a way that throws a wrench in the sisters’ plan. Instead of playing as two equal teams, they will all play against one person, “the bunny,” whom everyone will chase through an obstacle course.

When Grace is selected as the bunny, John Paul chases and terrorizes her. He shoots her repeatedly. So, all the sisters start shooting JP. Bibi takes aim at who she thinks is John Paul, but she pauses, wanting to make sure. But Becka jostles her, causing her to shoot the man in the eye.

The man is the manager of the paintball arena, not John Paul. Bibi punches Becka in the face, then walks away to throw up, sick with what she’s done.

The Episode Review

It’s nice to finally receive the context to Bibi’s story. She maybe hates John Paul the most intensely, and it’s easy now to see why. Hopefully, Bad Sisters will continue to wrestle with themes of revenge vs. justice when it comes to the murder of John Paul.

The show also does compelling work in setting up a parallel between Matt and Becka as the younger siblings, consistently kept on the outside. It’s no wonder they connect so well to each other, even if their romance is only becoming more complicated.

We now know that both the Claflin brothers and the Garvey sisters are complicit in illegal activities. The question is–which side, if any, will come out of this case on top?

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