Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 4 “Baby Becka” Recap & Review

Baby Becka

In episode 4 of Bad Sisters, Tom and Matt prepare to meet the youngest Garvey sister. Neither of them have put together the fact that Rebecca Garvey is the same as Matt’s Becka.

When Becka opens the door to see the brothers, realization sets in her eyes. She glares, but Matt doesn’t give away to Tom the fact that they know each other.

Matt asks her combative questions, which she answers spikily. When they leave, he admits to Tom that he’s been seeing Becka. He mentions that she once said her family let her down, causing her to lose the lot for her business. Tom thinks “family” could be John Paul, which would give Becka motive to kill him.

In the past, Becka goes over her business plan with John Paul, and he agrees to help her financially. So, Becka signs the lease on a lot. She even suggests that Grace come work for her. Grace loves the idea, but JP obviously does not.

Meanwhile, Roger continues to come around as a friendly neighbour, bringing food to share with Grace and JP. But JP doesn’t like him being around Grace.

He finds a chat group online for the Youth Church Group Roger leads. John Paul then creates an online persona of a 10-year-old boy named Oscar (the name of their recently deceased dog). He sends a message to Roger, pretending to want to join the group. Roger welcomes Oscar to the group chat.

Later, Becka goes to visit John Paul’s mother, Minna, who has become a friend. JP doesn’t like her spending so much time around his mother. He later tells Grace that he can’t give Becka money. When Grace protests, he gaslights her into believing she and Becka misinterpreted his intentions.

Grace tells Becka they can’t fund her studio, and Becka breaks down. She already signed the lease; she doesn’t know what to do. She claims JP is demented for doing this, but Grace takes his side, calling it a misunderstanding.

Back to the present; Tom and Matt interrupt the inspector while he’s golfing. Tom presents his evidence, but the inspector still doesn’t want to exhume John Paul’s body. He thinks they just don’t want to pay out.

Matt wants to stop the investigation and declare bankruptcy. Then, Becka calls him. Tom says he can use her to get information from her.

Back to before JP’s death–Blánaid confronts Grace about never standing up for herself. She is at home all the time. She was going to work for Becka, and now she’s just given up.

Later, Becka tells Ursula about what John Paul did to her. Ursula also confesses she cheated on Donal and about what JP did to her.

One night, all the sisters join Eva and JP for a work trivia night. When John Paul is incompetent at trivia, he loses it and yells at Grace in front of everyone, telling her she’s pathetic and that she embarrassed him. He also sees Eva and her co-worker Gabriel getting closer. He makes a comment about them to their boss.

Becka confronts John in the bathroom, and he grabs her wrist and pushes her into the wall. Bibi comes in and stops them, followed by Eva. Becka yells. She wants to call the guards so he can answer for what he did to Ursula.

Eva leaves to find John Paul. She takes his phone and breaks it, hoping to destroy the illegally-obtained photo he has of Ursula.

When she returns, she finds that Bibi and Ursula have let Becka in on their plan. She wants in. But Eva refuses, wanting to protect her.

Becka tells her she’s not protecting her; she’s pushing her out, as always. What they’re doing isn’t bad, she insists. It’s survival. “Let me in, Eva,” Becka pleads.

“Okay,” Eva relents.

In the present, Becka texts Matt from his office. He lets her in, and she promises him she’s not a liar. They kiss, and she leaves.

But from the window outside, she can view him speaking to Tom immediately after. Can she trust him?

The Episode Review

Finally, “Baby Becka” is in on the Garvey Sisters’ murderous schemes. And they just keep receiving more and more reasons to go through with their plan. While–initially–the scenes portraying John Paul’s character felt repetitive, they are now building in intensity to paint a truly heinous picture of what a despicable human being he is. 

Matt and Becka, I think, are going to be imperative to unpacking the mystery of JP’s death. Whether it is Becka using Matt, or Matt using Becka–their relationship surely is going to tip in one person’s favour.

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