Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 3 “Chopped Liver” Recap & Review

Chopped Liver

In episode 3 of Bad Sisters, Bibi still wants to kill John Paul, despite their failed attempt. JP is okay, but Grace isn’t doing so well. She repeatedly dreams about the explosion. Becka, unaware of her sisters’ grand plans, prepares to ask John Paul to fund her massage business.

In the present day, Matt and Tom pay a visit to Ursula. She corroborates that she was with her sisters the day of John Paul’s death, but she’s obviously panicking about their questions. They ask her about her car accident with JP.

A flashback shows Ursula leaving a hotel, where she just spent a night with Ben. As her car pulls out, she hits John Paul’s car. She thinks he followed her there, and he immediately criticizes her for being at a hotel when she should be with her family. “Finish it,” he says. Or he’ll tell her husband. He ends the conversation by calling her “disgraceful, vile, and disgusting.”

Bibi, meanwhile, tries to convince Eva to bring Ursula in on their plan. As a nurse, she’d know best how to administer poison. 

Ursula comes over, and she confesses to them about her affair and how John Paul found out. It’s been going on for over a year, and she just can’t end it. But JP scares her. She could end up losing her kids.

Bibi tells Ursula about their plan to kill him. She says they need her help in poisoning. But Ursula shuts down the conversation.

Later, everyone in the family has Easter dinner together. When the fire is brought up, Ursula realizes that Bibi and Eva were behind it.

Although Ursula insists things are over with Ben, John Paul notices her texting someone and smiling. When she leaves her phone alone, he takes it and replaces his number for Ben’s.

He later texts her, pretending to be Ben, and asks her for an explicit picture of herself. Ursula goes into the bathroom to take one and send it to him. JP then reveals that it was him, not Ben. He says he just sent her message to Donal.

Ursula runs to the bathroom to throw up and then hurries to Donal’s workplace to find his phone and delete the messages from JP, narrowly avoiding a disaster.

Afterward, Ursula surprises Eva and Bibi by handing them a drug to administer to John Paul that will simulate a heart attack. She tells them to take care of it quickly.

In the present day, Tom gets the inspector to agree to hear his evidence. Meanwhile, Becka and Matt go on a date. She learns that Matt was once engaged, but his fiancé ran off to be with the lead singer of his band.

Back to the past again, Bibi and Eva inject the poison into a slab of meat. Eva bags it and brings it to Grace’s, where she switches it with meat that Grace is preparing for John Paul.

Eva, Bibi, and Ursula eagerly await the news of John Paul’s death. Soon, Grace calls them in tears. She says he didn’t wake up. He had a heart failure in his sleep, so they’re going to bury him in their garden. Eventually, the sisters realize that “he” isn’t John Paul. They accidentally killed Grace’s dog.

On Becka’s and Matt’s date, Becka points out the lot where her business was supposed to be. She says a family member was going to help her, but when the money fell through, she lost her confidence.

Ursula, Eva, and Bibi are worried about Tom and Matt. They insist they’ll be okay–as long as Becka keeps her mouth shut. The camera cuts to Becka kissing Matt.

The Episode Review

This episode drives home John Paul’s vile nature more than ever. I think for many viewers, the way he went about getting access to Ursula’s private, intimate pictures will drive the last nail into his coffin. You can’t really blame the sisters for wanting him out of their lives–even if their methods of accomplishing this are less than reputable.

With Ursula getting in on the plan, the suspense escalates in past and present timelines. Matt and Becka’s relationship is of course a worrisome development as well. Considering the way the sisters talked in the first episode, it’s safe to say that Becka later gets in on their plan. Without the knowledge that Matt is one of the nosy insurance agents, she may just compromise their shaky standing with the Claffin brothers.

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