The Baby-Sitters Club – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 1

With school coming to a close, episode 9 of The Baby-Sitters Club begins with the girls arriving at Camp Moosehead for the Summer. Unfortunately at Camp the girls are all separated into different cabins. Claudia and Dawn wind up together while Mary Anne gets talking to Karen on the way up to her cabin, talking to her about a curse hanging over camp and a hermit that apparently lurks outside camp.

Kristy and Stacey wind up in the same cabin too and in the morning, they all ready themselves for camp starting properly. The Camp Director, Philomena, immediately comments on Kristy’s bossiness though and tells her to try and enjoy her Summer.

Mary Anne decides to team up with new girl Laine and begin a theatre production. Only, it turns out Stacey knows Laine from her time in New York and she runs away. Meanwhile, the production begins and it’s immediately clear that Logan likes Mary Anne.

Given how camp charges extra for the various different activities on offer, Claudia and Dawn decide to take it upon themselves to put on their own activities for free. Despite the art class being a big success, the campers find themselves at the mercy of the counselors who remand Claudia and force her back into her cabin. Instead, Dawn rallies the troops to fight back.

While Laila and Stacey fall out over the production, wrestling in the forest together, that night Stacey sleeps in her cabin but Kristy notices something awry on her face and screams, “What happened to your face?!”

The Review Write-Up

With a longer two-parter this time around, The Baby-Sitters Club leaves things wide open for the future while allowing some decent drama to come into the foreground of this one. Karen is definitely quite the character too, and she injects the right amount of humour to lighten up the scenes she shows up in.

There’s a nice story brewing within this one too and quite how the finale of this drama will play out and resolve what we’ve seen so far, remains to be seen.


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