The Baby-Sitters Club – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Kristy’s Big Day

We’ve now gone full-circle as the focus shifts back to Kristy for episode 8 of The Baby-Sitters Club. It’s the eve of Elizabeth and Watson’s marriage and as a present, he buys Charlie a brand new BMW.

At the Baby-sitters club, the kids discuss the upcoming wedding but Kristy’s initial excitement is immediately squashed when she tries on her bridesmaid dress. Commenting how it looks like a banana, she manages to convince Watson into buying another instead. With the kids leaving their house for goo,d both Kristy and her brother begin to feel homesick later that day.

That homesickness spills over to the wedding and when Kristy’s Mum learns about the bridesmaid dress being switched, the two come to blows. Kristy says some pretty horrible things too and immediately regrets it.

Realizing she’s gone too far, Kristy keeps quiet as Karen walks down the aisle. Suddenly, Karen screams and in an amusing twist of fate, it turns out the marriage officiant is actually the “witch” from next door.

After reciting their vows, Kristy has trouble talking with her Mum for the rest of the night given how busy she is. However Kristy has her own momentous occasion when she gets her period. Finally starting to mature, her friends help her through this and eventually Kristy does see her Mum on the way out the door. The two then patch up their differences in a really touching moment.

With Elizabeth and Watson happy and riding off into the sunset together, the girls head back to the dance-floor much happier than they were before.

The Review Write-Up

With more themes explored surrounding growing up and puberty, The Baby-Sitters Club backdrops this against the wedding and all of our characters joining together for this celebratory event. Seeing Richard and Sharon finally back on talking terms after his cute turtle gift is a definite highlight too.

Meanwhile Kristy accepting her Mother’s happiness sees her arc come full circle to where it was at the beginning of the series and the ideas surrounding acceptance and tackling change is certainly a welcome inclusion in this show.


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