The Baby-Sitters Club – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Boy-Crazy Stacey

Episode 7 of The Baby-Sitters Club begins with the girls excited for their first out-of-town babysitting job. With Stacey and Mary Anne heading to Sea City, Dawn and Claudia decide to launch “Operation Parent Trap” to try and get their parents back together. Kristy meanwhile struggles to adjust to her new room at the Watson’s house.

Dawn rings Richard and pretends to be Sharon but he sees through this facade, making the plan a bit of a dud. Meanwhile in Sea City, Stacey abandons Mary Anne in favour of trying to win over the lifeguard, Scott. Mary Anne struggles to deal with all the kids by herself and subsequently finds herself buried up to her neck in sand. However, a boy called Alex approaches and helps her out, eventually leading to them talking about their situation.

Unfortunately Stacey finds out the lifeguard has a girlfriend and it breaks her heart. Remembering her babysitting duties, Stacey decides to go all-in with dealing with the kids instead.

Meanwhile, Kristy’s babysitting goes awry when she winds up trapped behind “the blue door” thanks to Karen. As she struggles to get out, the kids steel-wool the car and she watches on in horror as the paintwork is scratched. Picking up the phone to Watson, she eventually breaks the bad news to him but he forgives her and thanks Kristy for her honesty.

As the episode closes out, Stacey and Mary Anne prepare to travel back to Sea City, having learnt a lot along the way about responsibilities and love.

The Review Write-Up

Much like the previous episode, The Baby-Sitters Club brings some big themes to the table and this time we look at young love. The whole flirting and gaining the attention of our love interest is pretty spot on and especially when it comes to blinding young love, I think everyone can relate to this situation.

There’s some nice characterisation here between Kristy and Watson too which is nice to see and these two have always had a bit of a rocky ride. Hopefully by the season’s end we see these two back on the same page again.

With the girls now back from Sea City and the babysitting club doing better than ever, quite what’s in store for our five girls next remains to be seen.

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