The Baby-Sitters Club – Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review

Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2

Episode 10 of The Baby-Sitters Club begins with the big reveal surrounding exactly what Kristy saw in Stacey’s bunk. It turns out she’s got the worst case of poison ivy the camp nurse has ever seen. With Claudia remanded to her room, the group look set to call an emergency BSC meeting until Laine shows up with the same poison ivy issue. Karen meanwhile, sees all of this transpire and decides to head off and break the hermit curse she believes is the root cause to what’s going on.

Dawn holds a protest against the unfair inequality at the camp but unfortunately it just gets everyone remanded into their cabins. Mary Anne finds herself in charge of the theatre production in the wake of the poison ivy incident but despite everything going well, Dawn decides to launch a camp-wide protest which puts a damper on her plans to produce the play.

Kristy goes searching for Karen and eventually finds her at the bus stop. Upset that no one wants to play with her, Kristy finally gets through to her and calls Karen her real sister. It’s a really touching moment too and as the two embrace, Karen heads back with more confidence as she realizes she does have friends.

After watching some TV, Laine and Stacey finally connect and work through their differences. At the same time, Dawn tries to explain what she’s doing with Mary Anne but eventually the protest is too much and it causes the campers to be remanded for 3 weeks.

In the wake of this, the girls are forced to confront what’s happened and eventually convince Philomena to let them stay at camp and, even better, let them help out as Counselors In Training. The theatre production doesn’t go ahead but Mary Anne does get the kiss she was hoping for and it turns out camp is a big success after all. The series comes to the close with the girls all embracing in a big hug.

The Review Write-Up

With a nice resolution at the end and all the pockets of drama that have been bubbling up resolved, the only thing this series is missing in a way comes from the lack of resolution surrounding some of the subplots that have been explored. As an example, Watson and Kristy never really get their heart to heart that’s been teased through the show which is a little disappointing.

On a lighter note though, there’s some good jokes in this one and the TV being wheeled into the room here is certainly a bit of a  throwback to the past. The deadpan delivery of the joke involving Philomena is definitely the best of the series and overall The Baby-Sitters Club has been a delightful watch, one that’s certainly done well with the source material and produced something wholly enjoyable.

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