Baby Driver (2017) Ending Explained – What happens during the final heist?

Baby Driver Plot Synopsis

Baby Driver’s exhilarating story blends the concept of intelligent heists with action, romance, drama, and, of course, speed. A young getaway driver, Baby (Ansel Elgort), participates in heists organized by a crime lord called Doc (Kevin Spacey). After he’s paid off what he owed to Doc, he plans to live his life the right way with his lover, Debora (Lily James). However, Doc has one more heist to pull off, and he threatens to hurt Baby’s girlfriend and foster father if he denies partaking. Baby has no option but to agree.

Situations take an unexpected turn as the constantly-escalating troubles among Doc’s crew members force Baby to make amends before he planned to.

Why does Doc not let Baby go?

Baby has an introverted personality – possibly because he suffered a car crash that killed both his parent and left him with tinnitus. He constantly listens to music on his iPod to soothe his ears – which often annoys his partners. Baby is the only person who Doc repeats in his heists because of a good reason.

Doc is well acquainted with Baby’s de-cluttered style of work, bizarre driving skills, and honest disposition. Doc also knows he wouldn’t find a guy as skilled as Baby and with him in his team, success is almost certain.

Who starts tension in Doc’s team?

Jamie Foxx’s character, Bats, can’t get along with anyone. He is furiously envious of all the attention Baby gets. He feels Baby is negligent, and shouldn’t be treated equally as the other members just for comfortably sitting behind the wheel. On their way back from a gun-deal-gone-wrong, Bats, unaware of Baby’s relationship with Deborah, asks him to stop at the diner where Deborah works.

Seeing her boyfriend in the company of gangsters, upset Deborah talks back to Bats – which angers him. He gets up to kill her but is stopped by Baby. Already suspicious, Bats is now sure Baby and Deborah are seeing each other – which gives him another point to harass Baby.

The feeling is reciprocal. Baby isn’t fond of Bats either – mostly due to his homicidal habits. Another thing Baby apparently despises is Bats poking his nose into his personal life.

That’s not all – with his overconfident blabbers, Bats constantly annoys Buddy (John Hamm) and his sharpshooter partner, Darling (Eliza González) as well.

What is Baby’s mission?

In a scene, Debora tells Baby – “sometimes all I want is to head West on 20 in a car I can’t afford, with a plan I don’t have, just me, my music, and the road.” There is a clear hint in the film that they want to go on a road trip to a place where they can start afresh.

However, the dreams of Baby and Debora can’t come true unless he quits his line of work. Therefore, he wants to part ways with Doc as soon as possible. In one instance, he even tries to slip out but is captured by Bats and Buddy. The only option that remains for him is to finish his last task.

What happens during the final heist?

Outside the robbery spot, Bats kills a security guard. Disgusted to see another innocent man die, Baby knows he can’t carry on with the team anymore. When he refuses to drive away Bats hits him in the face. In a fit of absolute rage, Baby crashes the car into an open truck loaded with some construction materials and rebars – which pierce into Bat’s chest – killing him instantly.

In a confrontation with cops, Darling is killed leaving Buddy in utter shock and anger. Buddy holds Baby responsible for Darling’s death and vows to kill him.

What does Baby plan next?

Baby goes to the diner to get Debora. To his surprise, Buddy has held Debora hostage at gunpoint. He wants an eye for an eye. However, just as he gets an opportunity, Baby shoots Buddy and manages to carjack a vehicle and flee with Debora. They go to Doc who, seeing their love, hands them cash and allows them to go. But Buddy, dead-set to kill Baby and his girlfriend, won’t rest easy. He appears in the parking area, kills Doc, and goes after the couple.

Baby decides he needs to confront Buddy and finish it once and for all. After a ferocious contest featuring cars, guns, and fires, Buddy falls onto a burning car to his death.

The beautiful ending

After seeing a police roadblock on their way out of the county, Baby realizes the best way to have a fresh start with Debora would be to surrender and accept the punishment for all of his wrongdoings.

During his trial, several witnesses turn up in his defence including Debora who states that Baby is a man of good character who didn’t deserve what happened to him. The court sentences the young man to 25 years in prison with a possibility of parole after 5 years.

Baby diligently serves his time in prison while remaining in touch with Debora through letters. On the day of his release, Debora waits outside the prison for him in a vintage car. They share a smooch and have broad smiles on their faces.

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