Away – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

A Little Faith

Heart Transplant

Episode 6 of Away sees the spotlight turn to Kwesi as we dive into his past and see how he became a botanist. His adoptive father was a gardener and he’s doing this for his legacy. As we see from the past, Kwesi’s concerns primarily lie with religion and specifically why his family didn’t “have a God” compared to his adoptive father.

Back on the spaceship, Kwesi runs into trouble when he notices the water supply is clogged up. This inevitably brings him to Misha for help. Unfortunately the situation is severe – the Prime is dead and they need to replace the metaphorical heart of the ship. Of course, this is made all the more precarious by Misha’s eyesight which continues to deteriorate.

Meanwhile, Emma gets through to Matt and explains the situation they’re dealing with. That’s not all though as Lex flies off the deep end and starts motorcycling. She’s a natural too from the looks of it but you can already sense something is going to happen.

Hostile Takeover

Matt arrives at Mission Control but immediately bashes head with everyone. Eventually he heads in to see Darlene who worries he’s too emotionally involved in this project. Because of this, he’s off the floor and reduced to an advisory position.

On his back home, Matt takes his eyes off the road, checking his phone, and winds up in a ditch thanks to another driver honking their horn at him.

Emma eventually manages to guide her team together and Misha blags his way through the repair job. When a screw flies past his face though, they all figure out his game and call him out on the bluff.

The Knife Edge

Thanks to his deception, Misha is forced to stand down. However, the crew still need to fix the ship. This then falls back to the theme of the episode – faith. Specifically, faith in Misha’s knowledge of the ship.

The situation is precarious and the only way to salvage the situation is to give up on the garden and ration the water. Only, what will they do for food when they get to Mars?

Even worse, the back-up system is compromised and it causes some big problems for the crew to deal with going forward.

Elsewhere, Matt meets Lex’s crush Isaac for the first time. Things seem to go well and in the aftermath of this, the two wind up kissing.

As the episode closes out, Emma receives the message from Matt up in space telling her everything is going to be okay. As she hears the rain, a moment of calm tranquility descends over her.

The Episode Review

The idea of faith and having faith in each other is beautifully communicated through this episode. All of this is then projected back on Kwesi who acts as the religious guide to deal with the present situation on the ship.

It’s a nice idea and one that’s perfectly communicated while learning more about Kwesi’s past.

Out of all the backstories we’ve received this season, this is the one that’s arguably written the best. With the series now moving into a more serialized structure of story, all eyes now turn to the next episode as the crew fight for survival.

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