Away – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Space Dogs

The Halfway Point

“You’re halfway there,” Emma’s psychologist tells her as episode 5 of Away doubles up as the halfway point of the show. Given the video feeds have not been discussed at all, now we learn they’re going to “take longer” to work the further away from Earth they get.

Matt returns home with new wheelchair accessible areas and Lex by his side. While he heads in, Misha has some trouble with his eyesight but he encourages Ram not to call this in, imploring that his sight is fine.

He’s not the only one struggling though and a fully recovered Ram is brushed aside by Emma. Before he leaves though, he feeds back the news about Misha’s deteriorating eye-sight.

Concerned, Emma heads in to see him. Only, Misha starts talking passionately about baseball and statistics. They have bigger fish to fry though when Kwesi starts experiencing muscle atrophy. Then again, given none of them actually seem to be exercising it’s hardly surprising.

The Puppet Show

Misha’s message doesn’t go to plan and he’s met with hostility from his daughter. She laments him leaving and hangs up. Thankfully, later that night Misha’s puppet stream is a success.

Afterward, Misha finally opens up and speaks to his daughter about what happened. He apologises for the past and, tellingly, his daughter calls him papa.

Back home, tensions between Lex and Matt can be felt as Matt tries to get back to “normal”. Obviously things aren’t going to be normal and Melissa senses this.

She encourages them to turn up to their family Christmas dinner but Matt declines the invitation.

Home Truths

Later that night, the duo finally talk but their conversation is cagey to say the least. Matt won’t admit he’s not happy about being home and Lex wants to rebel and see Isaac.

Eventually she caves and does just that, sneaking out in the middle of the night.

While she speeds off with Isaac in his car to a church, Matt decides to play the piano for Emma as she rings through. When their call ends, he heads out into the garage but struggles to reach a box high up on the shelves. Angry and frustrated, he struggles to keep his anger in check.

This spills over to the morning too as Matt and Lex discuss her leaving in the middle of the night. This eventually hits fever pitch when Lex and Emma finally open up and admit what they’re going through. As tears begin flowing, the feed cuts out.

When the episode finishes, Emma and the crew celebrate their Christmas together while Matt struggles to become enthused over the future.

The Episode Review

As we reach the halfway point of the series, the melodrama doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. However, things are really starting to get serious now.

Lu has, so far, played such a minor role and it’s a shame because she’s easily the most interesting character. Misha is also pretty good and the crew are actually quite likable.

This early it seems likely that something is going to happen with Matt. Perhaps he’ll go off the deep end or he’ll have an affair with Melissa. For now it’s just guesswork but there’s definitely something going on.

As we cross the halfway point though things have just started to get serious.

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