Away – Season 1 Episode 10 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review


The Final Leg Of The Journey


It’s been a long trip but finally the crew have made it. With the water salvaged, the season 1 finale of Away sees our astronauts preparing themselves for Mars.

Back down on Earth, Lex invites Isaac over for the night. As night turns to day, Lex scrambles to get dressed and tells Isaac she needs to leave.

As he slips out, Lex heads back home and greets her Father whose made yet another massive breakfast for her. Unfortunately neither are able to leave out the front as they find reporters swarming around the house.

Together, they decide to make a grand escape and leave. Thanks to Melissa picking them up, the do head out and go horse-riding instead. It’s a solid plan too, and enough to ease their minds from the madness about to consume the Mars flight.

Lex’s Confession

As Matt and Melissa sit together, the latter admits that Lex didn’t stay the night at hers. This bubbles over into tensions between them all as Melissa almost admits that she has feelings for him.

It’s been obvious for a while but she’s not able to pull the trigger and admit the truth. Thankfully, a phone call distracts them.

Back on the ship, Emma berates Ram for his feelings toward her and defiantly admits that whatever he feels she does not. This uneasiness spills over to the rest of the ship as Kwesi tells them they need to pull themselves together.

With the world watching and a live-stream playing in real-time, Emma receives some good news. Lex does not have CCM.


Back in Mission Control, the families of the astronauts arrive ready for the launch. It’s a big day for everyone and following the test results, Lex and Melissa talk about Isaac.

As they do, she admits that she’s in love with him. Matt overhears this and after a thin sliver of silence, tells her to bring Isaac in.

The crew on the ship finally patch up their differences and prepare for their descend onto Mars. As the families watch on, the astronauts give their impassioned speeches to Mission Command. Not long after, the astronauts break the atmosphere and prepare to land on Mars.

As everyone holds their breath, the crew make it on Mars and touchdown on the red planet.

The Episode Review

Away has been quite the bumpy ride. Thankfully, the characters are what ultimately saves this show. Emma is by far the weakest of the bunch though and she seems incredibly emotionally unstable.

Aside from that though, Lu, Misha, Kwesi and Ram are excellent and really easy to warm to. The final 15 minutes or so are easily the highlight of the entire series.

It’s actually quite emotional seeing them all touch down on the planet and for all the melodrama and syrupy stuff, seeing them touch down is definitely satisfying.

Hopefully Netflix green-light this one for a second season. It’s not perfect but it is an easy to watch series.


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  1. Why not just hold the bags at the nozzle (during the spacewalk) to collect the ice, instead of spraying it out and herding it across space, losing a lot of it? Bec

  2. Hi Paulina, the song used is Atlas by Will Bates. There is also another very similar one with the synth, and it is called Launch by Will Bates. I totally agree, I love this song.

  3. Do you have any idea whatsoever what song is playing after Mission Control hears touchdown confirmed and everyone is embracing? I’ve been looking everywhere but I can’t find it? It’s a very jovial suspense building song.

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