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Dark and progressive, Kingdom by A Vulture Wake is a conceptual beast of a record, and it gives an insight into a sombre world.

The act also dazzle with their musical abilities, spearheading highly infectious riffs and words that highlight truth. And punk like this opens minds and ruthlessly details honesty, even though there’s a shadowy edge to it. Breakneck, and always purposeful, the record pulses and represents angst and broken memories.

Trusting your talent is essential when putting out records. Having that scope and that ingenuity is key if you want to make it over the line, and A Vulture Wake may not be a colossal outfit at the moment, but they’re putting out music which invigorates and tells us stories.

Punk rock isn’t a glamorous genre either – it never has been – and while it doesn’t have the beauty, it has attitude in droves. A Vulture Wake plays the kind of punk rock where prettiness has no place but where honesty goes above everything.

Kingdom is a battering ram of an album. It doesn’t have any let-up and it definitely doesn’t fall by the wayside or become obscured. The music cuts deep lyrically too, and every strand has meaning and intent, orchestrating relevant stories. These stories are vividly portrayed through a punk rock sound.

‘Virus’ starts the record off in a loud, brazen motion. The punk rock sound has been augmented to great heights, and the pace is unrelenting. There’s an unnerving story attached to this opening song.

‘Choke’ starts off in the same fashion; unpretentious in its delivery but stark in its output. The message is clear, and the stories tell tales of discontent. ‘Moths’ delivers a great bass-line and a technical guitar sequence. It’s loud, and the lyrics aren’t for the faint-hearted.

A Vulture Wake dazzle here with honest punk rock wrapped in balanced lyrics which tell us that the world isn’t a haven.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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