Aura – Dani Kristina | Album Review

Track Listing

Drift Away
Burning Parachute
Laundry Day
You Don’t Get to Choose


Dani Kristina’s debut EP ‘Aura’ features a 5 track ensemble touching on romance, relationships and heartbreak. It’s fairly standard fodder for aspiring musicians but also a great platform to showcase vocal and compositional skills.

And that’s exactly what this EP does. Aside from a couple of minor gripes (mainly with the ill-fitting upbeat track “Laundry Day”) this EP is a confident debut showcasing a decent range and ability to adapt across different genres.

Flirting the line between country and pop, there’s echoes of artists like Taylor Swift here but Dani Kristina’s unique harmonies and heartfelt lyrics allow her to stand out and shine on these tracks.

While the lyrics are personal and seem to draw on past experiences, it’s the way these words harmoniously work against the instrumental backing tracks that make this such an enjoyable listen. The bridge on every track is easily the highlight and when everything is stripped back, Dani’s voice stands confidently in this soundscape.

Each of these tracks have been deliberately chosen to show off the range of styles Dani is able to produce. ‘Laundry Day’ though does feel a little too pop orientated for this showcase.

The carefree up-beat attitude exuding from this track unfortunately diminishes the power of “You Don’t Get To Choose” which oozes strong feminist vibes throughout.

In terms of track placement, I can’t help but feel these two tracks may have worked better had they been switched around – even if “You Don’t Get To Choose” is more of a closing ballad to the EP.

The harmonies are strong, the tracks are nicely composed and the compositions manage to balance the electric  guitars and piano work against the vocals without one dominating the other.

Dani Kristina exudes an aura of confidence in this debut EP, aptly titled Aura. This is certainly an artist to watch going forward and it’ll be interesting to see what’s next from this Canadian singer/song writer.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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