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headphone activist

Track Listing

A Day Late
League of Legends
Snow On The Rhodes
Foggy Morning
Rainy Days



With the sun shining and lockdowns starting to lift across the globe, there’s perhaps no better time to release an album like Audio Oasis.

This 10 track, tranquilly bliss LP provides a deep dive into the world of chill-out and lo-fi. Anyone who’s been around the music industry for a while will know versatility is the name of the game, and Headphone Activist showcases that perfectly here.

Audio Oasis is a beautifully produced album, dabbling in ambient and chill-out vibes across the 10 tracks available. With the exception of “Florence”, the songs here range from 2 minutes up to around 4, and provide a wide range of sonics within the chill spectrum.

The album itself opens with “A Day Late” and “League Of Legends”; two tracks that perfectly complement one another and kick this album off in the best possible way.

The tone then changes slightly for “Snow On The Rhodes” which moves into more of that lo-fi territory, shifting the focus across to the drums and chords rather than the synth and strings of the previous two tracks.

As someone who listens to a lot of ambient music while writing, “Apex” is a personal favourite and definitely stands out on the album. Likewise, “Demarco” manages to bring in a relaxing vibe with a heavier drum beat and head-bopping synth.

As mentioned earlier, “Florence” is the longest track on the album and builds up nicely across the 7 minutes, layering different instruments across the run-time before paving way for “Astronomy”, echoing back to the earlier vibes on the album and slowing the tempo right down for a tranquil, reflective track to close things out with.

Audio Oasis is a really solid chill-out album and the perfect accompanying piece whether you’re studying, sunbathing on the beach or heading out for a gentle jog.

There’s some beautiful compositions across the 32 minute run-time, although as a gripe “Florence” feels like the weakest track on the album. Despite running for 7 minutes, there’s nothing particularly special or outstanding here compared to the other tracks.

However, there’s a lot to like with Headphone Activist’s latest LP and any fans of chill, ambient or lo-fi music should absolutely check this one out.

Beautiful compositions for a beautiful day; Audio Oasis is the perfect accompanying piece for those lazy summer days. And what a perfect time to release it!

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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