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This is it folks, the big battle is upon us. Only, it’s more like a massacre. Episode 7 of Attack On Titan Season 4 begins with the Paradis forces arriving, led by Levi, as they swarm in the sky and prepare to attack. The Cart Titan shows too and tries to level the playing field. Unfortunately it’s not alone.

The Beast Titan stomps into Liberio and tells his troops to attack and leave none alive. The Beast Titan uses his trademark rock throwing, prompting Levi to rise up and meet that challenge.

It’s a brutal fight, one that sees the Titans and Marleyian forces teaming up together to go against the Paradis warriors. With the War Hammer Titan out of the battle for now, wrapped in to a crystalized cocoon like Annie was, the Titans gather on the rooftops and discuss their options.

They assume they’re the ones in control, especially as the foot soldiers are surrounded by the growing reinforcements that are surrounding their zone. There’s no escape… or so they think.

Down by the docks, Armin shows up and wipes out the battle ships with one swift transformation into the Colossal Titan. It’s a mighty explosion, one that leaves countless forces dead and buried under a pile of rubble. As Armin surveys the battlefield, it’s hard not to be caught up by how many lives have been lost by this one swift move.

Back in Liberio, the Jaw Titan moves and breaks the line as it goes after Eren. Only, this frees Levi to make his move and attack the Beast Titan from behind, hitting it square in the back of the neck. As Zeke tumbles to the ground, the other soldiers can only look on in shock.

The Cart Titan is next, hit in the back of the neck as Pieck tumbles down to the ground. Falco pleads for her life and it’s enough of a distraction for Jean to miss his mark and swing back up again. This gives the forces on thee ground time to launch a counter attack and spray a stream of bullets into the air.

With all this going on, Hange rocks up with a whole blimp full of soldiers to recover Eren and the others. Before that though, Eren uses the Jaw Titan to destroy the crystalized cocoon encasing the War Hammer Titan.

Forces on both sides of the fight can only stand and watch in shock as the glass shatters and the War Hammer Titan is eaten by Eren. The Jaw Titan looks like it’s up next but just before Eren chomps down, Gabi screams for Reiner to help.

And just like that, the Armored Titan arrives in the battlefield.

The Episode Review

Good grief that was intense. Attack On Titan has really raised the game this year and shown just what can be achieved through the medium of animation and this episode is certainly up there with one of the best.

Anime, like Korean and Chinese dramas, can sometimes be a victim of falling into conventional tropes and clichés. Admittedly, Attack On Titan started off by falling into this trap early on in season 1. However, since then it’s shaken off the early shackles of the genre to deliver an incredible blend of action, drama and strong characterization.

What’s particularly impressive about this season though is just how rounded and multifaceted everything has become, with the time in Marley helping to really get to know these characters and understand their plight.

Even more shocking though is just how much of a massacre this fight actually was. It’s a perfect example of how battle techniques can sometimes change the game, something that Alexander The Great did back in ancient times when he adopted some impressive battle formations and unique ways to win wars.

The CGI this season has actually been pretty good and unlike some of the jarring ideas last time (hello Colossal Titan on Paradis Island) here the CG works really well across the board. That’s before mentioning the soundtrack which again is fantastic.

With Reiner entering the battle and Gabi seemingly the wildcard in the midst of all this carnage, the ending leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next. Can next Sunday hurry up already?

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