Attack On Titan – Season 4 Episode 23 ”Sunset” Recap & Review


Episode 23 of Attack on Titan Season 4 begins in the Trost District with people agitated and wound up tight. They’re on the verge of fighting with one another, which the soldiers are well aware of.

However, this whole situation is turned upside down by Annie awakening, who blindsides Hitch and forces her to do her bidding. Annie even shows off a cut on her hand, threatening to transform at any moment.

Annie has been conscious for the past 4 years, but it’s all a blur to her, feeling like a dream of sorts. Despite that, she’s been aware of what’s going on all this time. When she heard Eren’s voice reaching out and talking, that’s when the shell shattered and freed her.

Hitch rides with Annie, where they discuss the latter’s motivations. Annie reveals that she was abandoned by her mother and found in the internment zone by a foreigner with Eldian blood.

Her step father trained her up to be a ruthless Warrior. Years passed and she managed to make good on his promise, inflicting that pain she experienced back on her step-father. He’s in Marley as it turns out, and Annie actually promised him that she’d return.

Meanwhile, Armin remains determined to gain Gabi’s trust. After all, it’s only through her that they can keep the Cart Titan and Reiner under control. There’s not much else they can do though, and when Mikasa questions this idea, Armin looks close to cracking.

Armin is worried about the bleak situation befalling them and reminds Mikasa how everything is resting precariously on a knife-edge. Armin even admits he was the wrong person to bring back to life too.

Floch reveals himself to be working on Eren’s behalf, keeping the last remnants of the military under wraps. He’s snapped, believing they’re on the verge of peace through Eren’s mission, unaware of what this really means. Mikasa shows up and she’s shocked at what she sees.

As the episode ends, Conny rides out to his Mother and remains determined to save her.

The Episode Review

Attack on Titan returns with another good episode, one that sees a weakened Annie alive and allowing some welcome flashbacks to shed light on her plight and what’s happened to bring her to this point.

In that respect, Attack on Titan’s latest episode does well, keeping things hanging in the balance while presenting the threat Eren poses without actually featuring him in this episode.

There are several different intriguing subplots being played with here, including the Conny situation and the military soldiers, with Floch who has completely snapped and lost his mind here.

All of this promises to be explored in more detail in the upcoming episodes, as well as really leaning into the main crux of the issue involving Eren and the Founding Titan.

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