Attack On Titan – Season 4 Episode 18 “Sneak Attack” Recap & Review

Sneak Attack

Episode 18 of Attack on Titan Season 4 wastes absolutely no time returning to the thick of action, with Armin believing Eren is playing Zeke and Yelena. He’s convinced that Eren is undercover, behind enemy lines, and biding his time to strike.

Meanwhile, Reiner impales Eren while believing wholeheartedly that he’s doing the right thing for his people. He’s incredulous over Eren continuing to fight, and tries to bite the back of his neck to take the power for himself. Eren though fights back and with a mighty roar, grabs Reiner’s face and, with a sickening crunch, throws him aside.

In the stillness that follows, Zeke appears atop the walls and joins the fight. With his insane throwing abilities, he knocks the Pack Titan down to the edge of the wall, leaving it hanging on for dear life – and at the mercy of our soldiers.

While that’s going on, the Beast Titan knocks down the blimps and begins throwing rocks at the various soldiers in the streets.

Elsewhere, Gabi hurries off to save Falco. The streets are ablaze with raging fires, and as Falco is returned, Gabi suddenly comes to the realization that Reiner did all those episodes ago. She’s been so hell-bent on revenge and the warped ideology they’ve had instilled on them since they were kids that now, as they sit together and reflect on the devastation around them, the truth hits that much harder. They’re just soldiers, doing what they’ve been ordered to do, and certainly not devils or outright evil.

Outside, Zeke and Eren look look set to come together. Eren staggers toward his half-brother while up on the wall, the Cart Titan is taken out. Only… a sneak attack ensues. Magath hits Zeke with a cannon blast that knocks him off the wall to his doom below. As he tumbles to the ground, the floor shakes with a mighty shudder as Zeke is completely knocked out.

The thing is, this just makes him easier for Eren to reach, and as he limps toward him, everything is left on a precarious knife edge for next week’s follow-up.

The Episode Review

Attack on Titan is back with another really good episode, as Zeke enters the fight. Seeing how quickly he changes the fight is testament to his great power, while Eren’s motivations are still not 100% confirmed just yet. Armin has faith that this is all a big ruse while the others are torn over whether their old friend really has tumbled to the dark side.

Meanwhile, the moments involving Gabi were really nice and help to show how her character has finally come to the realization that really, these are just people caught in this war, and not devils after all. I mentioned it last season too but this is akin to the propaganda spewed during World War II, where German soldiers were likened to evil incarnate when really, some of these men and women were just following orders.

Either way, the ending here signifies a turning point as we’re left with lots of questions over exactly what this means for the future of our characters. We’ll have to wait and see what Eren’s masterplan is and how this plays into the lives of all those around them, but Attack on Titan leaves things on an agonizing note. Can Sunday hurry up, please?

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