Attack On Titan – Season 4 Episode 14 Recap & Review


Episode 14 of Attack On Titan Season 4 begins with Eren arriving, scaring Gabi as she sits wide-eyed and shocked. Armin and Mikasa aren’t that phased though and they question their friend over whether he’s joined Zeke or not.

Eren doesn’t outright answer them, but does tell the pair that he’s free now. Mikasa tries to talk some sense into him, bringing up the scarf he gave her as a sign of friendship. Eren rasps at the girl, telling her to keep her hands on the table.

In fact, Eren turns to them both and reveals that they’re the ones who have been manipulated. With Bertholdt still a part of the Colossal Titan, a small part of Armin is being drawn toward Annie. Meanwhile, Mikasa is being influenced by her ancestral ties to the Ackermanns.

Eren’s jab about freedom (or a lack thereof for Mikasa and Armin) soon hits hard, and even more so when he tells Mikasa that he’s always hated her.

It’s all too much for Armin, who launches himself over the table and strikes Eren in the face. Only, Mikasa instinctively grabs Armin and holds him down. W

ide-eyed and horrified, Mikasa realizes that what Eren has just said is true. Now it’s Eren’s turn; he beats down his old friend to a bloody pulp.

With Armin knocked out, Eren decides to take Gabi with him. In fact, all Eren wants is the location of Zeke. And that seems to bring him to where it all started – Shiganshina.

Speaking of which, at Shiganshina the soldiers begin to lose their trust in Commander Shadis, wanting Eren to take over. Well, be careful what you wish for – Hange and Floch show up and confirm the Jaegerists are in control now.

Meanwhile, Zeke makes his move. The 30-man Scout regiment suddenly turn into Titans as Levi is left wide-eyed and shocked. Zeke escapes, leaving Levi conflicted over whether to take out his old friends or not.

Blood-stained and with gritted teeth, Levi chases after Zeke, who turns into the Beast Titan and begins throwing bits of Titan at him. It’s no good though and Levi easily dispatches the Beast. Grabbing Zeke by the scruff of the neck, he takes off.

In the back of his truck, Levi stabs a Thunder Spear through Zeke’s stomach and warns him not to move. In fact, just to prove a point he slices his ankles up. As we see flashes of Zeke’s past, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Following the tragic earthquake last week, Attack On Titan releases two episodes at once and this chapter is both dramatic and exciting! There’s a lot of highlights here, including the long-awaited table scene with Eren, Armin and Mikasa.

The whole conversation about freedom and understanding how different and battle-hardened Eren is now was absolutely fascinating, and Mikasa’s soul-crushing realization when she stopped Armin is another eye-opening and damning revelation.

However, this episode belongs to Levi and what an absolute badass this guy is. The way he single-handedly dispatched all those Titan while taking out the Beast without so much as breaking a sweat just shows how powerful this guy has become.

There are still unknowns over exactly whose side Zeke is on and what his end goal is but one thing’s definitely already clear now – Eren has taken over. With his Jaegerists in full control, big question marks remain over where this one is likely to go next.

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