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Attack On Titan Explained: Is the little boy at the end of the post-credit scene a titan?

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Attack On Titan Season 4 Finale’s Post-Credit Scene Explained

If there is anything we know about Hajime Isayama and Mappa is that every single detail has meaning and they are all connected, even in the Attack On Titan Season 4 post-credit scene. So, the fact that the tree at the end of the manga and anime looks exactly like Ymir’s tree, a little boy with a dog enters it, and there is a dog-like titan at Fort Salta in the anime holds some significance.

During the credits in the Attack On Titan Season 4 finale and the last panels of the manga, we see the scouts visiting Eren’s tomb over the years till only Armin is left. After that, Paradis goes through several changes such as modernization, war and decimation. In the end, a little boy and his dog find a different tree at Eren’s resting place.

All this proves that war and revenge are never-ending and the characters’ efforts to stop war for good are futile. This also adds to the theory that life is cyclic since it seems that the power of titans returns once more in the world via the little boy entering Eren’s tree. 

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It can be theorised that the rest of the world waited and grew till they could finally attack Paradis for the Rumbling. A bomb blast destroys the island including Eren’s tomb and the tree he is buried under. Years later, Paradis has been turned into a dystopian island and in place of the tree and tomb stands a new tree, huge and centipede-like, exactly like the tree a human Ymir sought refuge in. 

The ‘source of all living matter’, the shining centipede living inside the tree gives Ymir the power of the titan once she enters the tree. It is last seen connected to Eren and then vanishes after he is killed. 

It can be considered that the explosion on Paradis in the post-credits scene triggers the source lying dormant and grows into a tree from Eren’s head. With the boy possibly being an Eldian or Mikasa’s descendant, he gets the power of the titan by entering the tree and setting about to get revenge on those who destroyed Paradis. Just like Ymir who turned to the power of titan to protect herself from the Fritzs.

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This theory is strengthened by the fact that many fans notice a dog-like titan during the battle at Fort Salta in the anime. Ymir controls all past pure titans to protect Eren from the scouts. Since the Paths connect the past and the future, it is not a reach to say that she may have also controlled a future titan – the little boy whose titan takes the form of his dog.

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