A Tourist’s Guide to Love (2023) Story Recap


A Tourist’s Guide to Love starts with Amanda Riley working at her desk job in Los Angeles, America where she works as an executive for a tours and travels company, Tourista World Travel. Amanda would love to travel but has to give up because she has been dating a forensic accountant, John for the last five years.

Her boss, Mona tells Amanda that their company was going to acquire a tourist agency, Saigon Silver Star in Vietnam. She adds that Tourista was going to send their agent there for an inspection of the company. Mona wanted Amanda to go but knows that there are special things waiting for her. She explains that John had asked for her to be back home early.

The proposal-breakup

Mona hints that John was going to propose to Amanda which is why she should be getting a manicure before heading back home for dinner.

After getting her nails done in the same colour that she usually does, Amanda is excited to see that John had prepared a special meal for them. She cuts John’s awkwardly long explanation short and says ‘yes’ to his proposal.

John clarifies that he wasn’t proposing but was asking Amanda to go on a hiatus – a temporary breakup because he had gotten a job in Ohio. Amanda is heartbroken that John wanted to end their five-year-long relationship over a job but agrees to the breakup.

The trip to Vietnam

Now that Amanda has not had much going on in her personal life post her breakup, Mona suggests that she should go on a trip to Vietnam to get her mind off things. She also adds that Amanda could be undercover and see how the agency that Tourista was going to acquire ran its business in Vietnam. Amanda agrees to take the work trip and boards her flight to Vietnam.

Amanda meets hot tour guide – Sinh

Once in Vietnam, Amanda runs into Sinh making it an awkward first meeting with Amanda trying her best to speak in Vietnamese not knowing that Sinh is well-versed in English himself. Sinh explains that he was born in Vietnam but raised in the US. He states that he works as a tour guide for his uncle’s agency and he loves travelling.

At the airport, Amanda learns that her luggage had been misplaced. Sinh has relevant connections at the airport and promises to get Amanda her luggage soon. Amanda meets Sinh’s cousin Ahn who is the agency’s official driver. She is taken to the hotel where she meets the other guests on the trip.

The guests are a lesbian couple, Sam and Dom along with their daughter Robin who is on a family vacation. There is an elderly couple, Brian and Maya who are on their honeymoon.

A teen boy named Alex, the same age as Robin, is also on the trip. Alex has taken the trip on behalf of his grandfather and the old man’s friends who cannot do so themselves. He live-streams the entirety of the trip on Facebook for them to watch.

Taking notes for work while falling in love

After a good first introductory evening dinner, Amanda gets her luggage back thanks to Sinh, who knew a guy that knew another guy. The group takes a tour around the Vietnamese market. From the get-go, Sinh and Amanda discover how they are both very different from each other.

Amanda has her eyes set on a scarf that is overpriced. Sinh teaches her how to bargain but the shopkeeper won’t give in and Amanda has to let go of it.

Amanda is amused to see the difference in her way of life in comparison to Sinh’s. She takes notes about the changes she would make to the way Sinh runs the tour and talks to her boss about how charming Sinh was. Mona asks Amanda to check out the many popular tourist sites in Vietnam. Amanda pushes Sinh to take the group on a trip to all of the popular tourist sites on her list.

Meanwhile, the tourists get custom traditional outfits stitched. Sinh convinces Amanda to try to bend rules and picks a fabric for her outfit in a colour she would never be caught dead wearing. Amanda enjoys Sinh’s confidence and gets an outfit stitched for her to wear at a later time.

Amanda does it Sinh’s way

The next day, Ahn tells Sinh that the tickets to see The Golden Bridge in Vietnam were on a long wait due to the number of tourists that were lined up to visit it. Sinh changes the plans and takes the group to an undiscovered but serene tourist spot. Amanda is initially annoyed by the change of plans but changes her mind when she sees the My Son Sanctuary, a cluster of Hindu temples in Vietnam.

She enjoys the calm the place brings and tells Sinh that she would like to experience the rest of the trip in his impromptu style. Sinh takes the group to a village called Thôn Chàng, his and Ahn’s hometown where his grandmother, Ba Noi lived. Sinh claims that all the villagers are his family members and allocates every guest to each of the different families there.

Ba Noi meets Amanda

Ba Noi asks Amanda to stay with her sensing that Sinh had feelings for her. Amanda is scared of Ba Noi because of her tough exterior. Sinh states that the group would spend the next two days in the village because of the auspicious Têt festival.

Amanda is shocked at how much she is enjoying her carefree self. She ends up forgetting to report to Mona who is getting restless about closing the deal with Saigon Silver Star.

Amanda asks for some more time because she wants to first tell Sinh who she really is. Ba Noi uses Ahn’s help to ask Amanda about her feelings for Sinh. Amanda clarifies that she was only good friends with Sinh but the old woman won’t buy the answer.

Ahn tells Amanda that this tour was Saigon Silver Star’s last tour because her father was selling the agency to an American company.

Amanda feels guilty to have kept the truth from her but waits until she can tell Sinh about it. Amanda and Sinh bond over the preparation for the festival where she experiences different aspects of Vietnamese culture for the first time.

Tết celebrations

On the occasion of Têt, the group dresses up in their custom-made outfits. Amanda dresses up in a blue Vietnamese Ao Dai and Sinh is proud of the choice he made for her. Together, the entire group has a meal with Sinh’s family. The sings and dances while Sinh convinces Amanda to share a dance with him.

On a walk after dinner, Amanda thanks Sinh for introducing her to the vibrant culture of the country. She is about to tell him about the deal between Saigon Silver Star and Tourista World Travels but Sinh changes the direction of the conversation by asking to kiss Amanda. They kiss under the setting sun before the group heads back to the hotel to continue the rest of their trip.

John’s surprise visit

Back at the hotel, Amanda is surprised to see John, her ex-boyfriend on the trip. John tells Amanda how much he missed her while she was away and asks to get back together. He tells her that the thing in Ohio was temporary and that they should get married. Amanda asks John to give her some time to think things over.

That evening, Ahn tells Sinh that the travel agency had been sold to an American company. Sinh is betrayed and shocked when John mentions that Amanda worked for the American company. Sinh tells Amanda how hurt he was because she chose to hide the truth from him for so long. The rest of the trip goes in a rut with Amanda being stuck between John and Sinh.

Amanda picks her best match

After John’s incessant requests to get back together, Amanda tells him that she no longer had feelings for him. She claims that John could have asked her to move to Ohio with him instead of asking to break up their five-year-long relationship. John is mature about the conversation and backs off. Amanda learns from Ahn that Sinh had left behind the scarf that she had wanted.

Ahn tells her that Sinh was on his way to go on one of his impromptu adventures to see his father. While the rest of the group leaves to go to the airport to head back to their respective homes, Amanda asks Ahn to take her to the place where Sinh was waiting for his bus.

Despite being on the opposite end of the town, Ahn manages to drop Amanda off where she meets Sinh.

She apologises for the misunderstanding and thanks Sinh for teaching her a new way to live life. Amanda promises Sinh that her company will let him run his business and that Tourista will just be their partner.

Amanda wished for a happy life and mentions that she knew a guy who could make that happen for her as the movie comes to an end.


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