A Tourist’s Guide To Love (2023) Movie Review – A fun but predictable story showcasing Vietnam’s beauty

A fun but predictable story showcasing the beauty of Vietnam

It is a well-known fact that South Asian culture is gaining a lot of traction lately. Be it the Korean culture that is taking over the world with K-pop and K-dramas or other movies and shows coming from countries like China, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and more, South Asia is pretty-much taking over the world whether you like it or not!

Following a similar pattern, the new Netflix original, A Tourist’s Guide To Love follows the story of an American woman, Amanda Riley, who embarks on a vacation in order to get her mind off of her romantic life. After experiencing a sudden break-up in her relationship of five years, Tour Executive Amanda goes on a trip to Vietnam for work.

There, she meets, Sinh Thach, a Vietnamese tour guide who is fluent in English because he grew up in the States himself. After seeing how Sinh lives his life one day at a time, unlike her well-planned and well-organized self, Amanda decides to give unpredictability a shot by continuing the rest of the vacation without a set itinerary in mind.

This adventurous tour of Vietnam with her handsome guide could only go in one of two ways for Amanda. Amanda could either be killed at Sinh’s hands or she would find herself falling head over heels in love with him.

Sporting a brisk 90-minute runtime, the movie becomes a quick weekend watch. Aside from the stunning visuals of Vietnam, a vibrant country rich with culture and traditions, the movie has not much else to offer. The story of A Tourist’s Guide To Murder is pretty predictable but this simplicity makes it a pretty good one-time watch.

However, given the fact that most Netflix movies are big on production value and often fall short when it comes to presenting a unique story, this movie falling pretty flat on its face doesn’t shock anyone. The characters, Amanda and Sinh fall in love for the sake of falling in love. There is not much of what one calls chemistry between the two, let alone any sexual tension.

The other characters of this movie just exist and don’t offer much to the storyline. We have Amanda Riley, an executive at a Tours and Travels agency, Tourista who loves travelling but is tied to her desk because of her partner of five years. John, Amanda’s boyfriend is another character that just exists with not much purpose.

As funny and lovable as Ben Feldman was in the sitcom Superstore, his appearance in this movie feels like a cameo and not that of the second male lead. One thing that really shines though iss seeing a person of Asian descent take the lead role. Scott Ly does a pretty good job as Sinh. Another few characters that are fun to watch come from Sinh’s grandmother Ba Noi and his cousin, Ahn.

The rest of the characters do not have much to offer to the plot and pretty much just pop up Amanda, whom the movie revolves around. It seems odd that Sinh is okay with changing the itinerary of the trip just to please Amanda and it’s absurd how not a single guest objects to it.

Keeping aside the flaws in this story, one thing that this movie will surely do is make you want to take a trip to Vietnam. The cinematography here is amazing in that it showcases the hidden treasures that are often overlooked by tourists who end up visiting popular places instead. It is true that most Asian countries are rich in culture and this movie showcases them with beauty instead of treating them as preposterous customs.

While it is a very charming plot that a tourist falls in love with her tour guide, there is not a lot of genuine flirting between Amanda and Sinh. Amanda’s character is very prim and proper all the time and she tends to appear rigid due to it. It seems as though the movie is still following the same plot that has been perfected ages ago by Netflix.

The misunderstanding in this movie could have been avoided from the instant Amanda started falling for Sinh and their relationship could have started on a very mature note. But, since Netflix enjoys angst so much, this movie ends in a very predictable manner.

A Tourist’s Guide To Love is a good one-time watch that you can enjoy over the weekend. If it does not make you want to fall for your tourist guide, this one will definitely inspire you to pull out your suitcase and go on a beautiful trip to Vietnam. If you end up losing your suitcase at the airport, you need not worry because Sinh knows a guy who knows a guy that will find it for you!


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  • Verdict - 4.5/10

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