A Tourist’s Guide to Love (2023) Ending Explained – Who does Amanda pick between Sinh and John?

A Tourist’s Guide to Love Plot Summary

After her sudden breakup, Amanda Riley, an executive at Tourista World Travels, a tours and travels company in Los Angeles, goes on a trip to Vietnam. Posing as a tourist, Amanda is joining the tour for work in order to inspect the Vietnamese tourist agency, Saigon Silver Star. Since Amanda’s company is soon buyout the Vietnamese agency, it is her responsibility to see if the company runs well independently.

Once in Vietnam, Amanda meets Sinh, the tour guide that works with the agency. Sinh is the nephew of the owner of Saigon Silver Star. His cousin, Ahn is the designated driver for the agency and Sinh’s presumed boss, being the daughter of the owner. Amanda takes on the trip and goes on to visit the different popular attractions in Vietnam.

However, she makes notes of how to better the agency once it is bought out by her company. While on this trip, Amanda learns about Sinh’s passion for travel and how impromptu suggestions make the trip a lot more interesting. She allows Sinh free reign over the itinerary and asks him to take over the trip.

Where does Sinh take Amanda and the group?

Sinh takes the group to his hometown, Thôn Chàng a remote village in Vietnam on the occasion of the Têt festival that would be taking place in the next two days. Sinh claims that the entire village was a part of his family and allocates each tourist to one house in the village for them to spend the next two days at. Ba Noi, Sinh’s grandmother asks for Amanda to live with her.

Sinh and Amanda spend a lot more time together and start getting closer. Amanda tells Sinh that she is scared of Ba Noi because of her tough exterior. She claims that Ba Noi reminds her of her own grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago.

While she experiences the traditions of Vietnam, Amanda is shocked at how much she is enjoying herself. She ends up forgetting to report to her boss Mona who is getting restless about closing the deal with Saigon Silver Star. Amanda asks for some more time before the deal is finalised because she wants to let Sinh know who she is.

What does Ba Noi tell Amanda?

Sinh takes Amanda on a private trip to Hội An to visit the banks of the Thu Bon River. As part of the tradition there, Sinh asks Amanda to light a colourful lantern and set it afloat in the river with a wish. On the night before the Têt festival, Ba Noi uses Ahn’s help to ask Amanda about her feelings for Sinh.

Amanda clarifies that she was only good friends with Sinh but the old woman senses something more about what Amanda felt about Sinh. After Ba Noi has left, Ahn tells Amanda that this tour was Saigon Silver Star’s last tour because her father is selling the agency to an American company. Amanda feels guilty to have kept the truth from her but waits until she can tell Sinh about it.

What happens between Amanda and Sinh post Tết celebrations?

On the occasion of Têt, the group dresses up in their custom-made outfits. Amanda dresses in a blue Vietnamese Ao Dai Sinh picked for her. Sinh is proud of the choice he made for her. Together, the entire group has a meal with Sinh’s family. The sings and dances while Sinh convinces Amanda to share a dance with him.

On a walk after dinner, Amanda thanks Sinh for introducing her to the vibrant culture of the country. She is about to tell him about the deal between Saigon Silver Star and Tourista World Travels but Sinh changes the direction of the conversation by asking to kiss Amanda. They kiss under the setting sun before the group heads back to the hotel to continue the rest of their trip.

How does John’s surprise visit affect Amanda and Sinh?

Back at the hotel, Amanda is surprised to see John, her ex-boyfriend on the trip. John tells Amanda how much he missed her while she was away and asks to get back together. He tells her that the thing in Ohio was temporary and that they should get married.

Amanda asks John to give her some time to think things over. Sinh asks Amanda if she has any feelings for him and she says that she did. However, since John is around, the rest of the trip goes in a rut with Amanda being stuck between John and Sinh.

What does Sinh do when he learns the truth?

On the final night of the trip, Ahn tells Sinh that the travel agency has been sold to an American company. Sinh is betrayed and angry that he was left in the dark for so long. When Ahn mentions that the company that purchased Saigon Silver Star was the one that Amanda worked for, he is further hurt by her for keeping her true identity hidden for so long.

Sinh decides to leave on a trip to clear his head now that the tour agency was sold out. He tells Ahn that he would be away for a while and gives her a present to give to Amanda. Sinh asks Ahn to take the group to the airport later that evening.

What happens between Amanda and John?

After John’s incessant requests to get back together, Amanda tells him that she no longer has feelings for him. She claims that John could have asked her to move to Ohio with him instead of asking to break up their five-year-long relationship. John is mature about the conversation and backs off.

Amanda learns from Ahn that Sinh had left behind the scarf that she had wanted to buy from the market on their first day out. Ahn also tells her that Sinh was on his way to go on one of his impromptu adventures to see his father.

While the rest of the group leaves to go to the airport to head back to their respective homes, Amanda asks Ahn to take her to the place where Sinh was waiting for his bus.

What does Amanda tell Sinh at the end of A Tourist’s Guide to Love?

Once Amanda makes it to where Sinh is waiting for his bus, she pushes herself to cross the busy road on her own. She is proud of herself for breaking the rules for once. Amanda apologises for the misunderstanding and thanks Sinh for teaching her a new way to live life.

She promises Sinh that her company will let him run his business and that Tourista would just be Saigon Silver Star’s partner. Amanda claims that she had wished for a happy life during their visit to Hội An.

Sinh asks if she was going to try to make her wish come true, Amanda states that she knew a guy who could make that happen for her as the movie comes to an end with the couple kissing.


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