Atiye (The Gift) Season 3 Ending Explained – What is Aden’s purpose?

Atiye Season 3 Plot Synopsis

8 years have passed since season 2 and both Erhan and Atiye are working together to try and find their daughter, Aden. Strange visions, pine cones and the sound of fire crackling provide some juicy clues to start us off.

This eventually leads to a world-ending apocalyptic threat, a new prophecy and lots of secrets revealed about the fate of our characters.

Who was responsible for the massacre of Umut’s family?

During the final moments of the season we learn that it’s Melek who was responsible for killing Umut’s family. She was driven by hatred and jealousy. She poisoned their drinks and watched as all the protectors died at her hands.

After killing the protectors, she took the slab and hid it in the vents, being sure to keep Umut alive as the sole survivor.

Does Ozan die?

Yes, during the penultimate episode he’s pushed off the rooftop by Melek. He lets his guard down and believes she’s going to let go of her rage but instead she sacrifices him to make a quick getaway.

Erhan tries in vain to hold his hand while he’s dangling but Ozan slips and falls to his doom. Aden sees Ozan’s body on the floor and believes Erhan is the one who pushed him over. This explains her rage when her eyes glow yellow and blue at the end of the episode.

While Aden takes off with Melek to bring about the apocalypse, Cansu stays with Ozan’s body; one final act of love for a tragically misunderstood victim in this big game.

This season saw Ozan take a more redemptive stance, giving Aden back to Atiye after raising her for 8 years and even bringing Erhan the stolen maps too. His death is an unfortunate consequence of what’s happened.

Why do Aden’s eyes glow yellow and blue?

As we soon come to learn, these are the symbolic colours for moon and sun. Throughout the season we learn a lot about Egyptian symbology, including specific reference to the Eye Of Horus.

The Eye of Horus plays a central role in Egyptian mythology and is the omniscient eye of the divine judge. This is what’s linked to Aden’s power, and explains why her eyes are glowing. It also seems to be a direct reference to the balance of power too, which is typified by the love at the end between Erhan and Atiye.

Who are the shadowy Organization?

This is one of many unresolved questions in Atiye. There are hints and clues that it could be linked back to the primitive dates of Mesopotamia and Egyptian cultures, but there’s not enough to go on to confirm for sure.

The organization speaks in a secret language and can communicate through panels and TVs, even using Aden as a conduit to “see” into various visions.

It could well be that aliens of some description are involved, given the futuristic tech in the beach hut basement and under Dara. The strange black panels, the levitating orb, strange symbols and the cryptic language all play into that.

What is Aden’s purpose?

According to legend, the planets align with Sirius and the Sun once every 1700 years. This explains the countdown on Melek’s phone and TV, along with the revelation that the apocalypse is about to begin.

Aden performs the ritual at Göbeklitepe, lying on the stone slab as prophesied in her visions. Fireballs rain down from the sky as judgment is cast on this world. Her role is that of a cleanser, she’s going to bring about a new age on this world. Unless she can be stopped of course.

How does Atiye Season 3 end?

Thanks to Erhan and Atiye’s love, the fireballs stop and the ritual ends. Aden steps up back, with the prophecy broken. As they walk together, Aden calls Erhan “Papa” in a really touching moment.

The trio walk together, through the smoldering ruins as they make it back to a tranquil forest. Everything is wrapped up with a neat bow here, as the prophecy is broken and our characters live out their happily ever after.


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  1. In Episode 7, Atiye and Erhan go out to the protectors safe house out in the country. When they go through the entrance door, Erhan says “Nobody has been here for years.” Whilst exploring they discover two working telescreens that the organization uses to communicate with its followers. (It is never explained how the organisation recruits its followers.) Since the organization was the enemy of the protectors, why were these present in the safe house which had not been used for years? Also some of the major characters appear to be in different clothing from one episode to the next despite not taking any change of clothes with them on their travels. The plot development in Season 3 was a disappointment compared to the previous two seasons.

  2. a secret organization, in my opinion, represents an omnipresent Evil that chooses its victims
    in each parallel reality, someone else succumbs – for money, for power, for control, for hatred

  3. Hard to understand why nobody in the cast of characters actually question who or what is pulling the strings.

  4. Presentations like the Gift and other myths will eventually expose the truth for all to know. Great

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