Atiye (The Gift) – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Sun and The Moon

Episode 7 of Atiye Season 3 begins with a reminder that water is symbolic of life, given it’s indicative of childbirth and the water breaking. As the camera pans across to water in Dara, Erhan and Atiye discuss the marvel of life – and what Aden has done. Given this fountain has been running dry for centuries, Aden’s crazy powers have helped bring life back in. But at what cost?

Anyway, Aden is clearly not herself and her erratic stares and uneasy symbols everywhere feed into this. Sitting atop a chalked outline of an eye, Aden is left alone where she closes her eyes. When she does, she hears whispers echo through her mind.

Atiye speaks to Erhan when they’re alone, exhibiting concerns over what’s happening and curious as to what their future holds.

Meanwhile, Selim meets back up with Mekel and feeds back what he’s seen. After taking a swig of drink, it’s fairly obvious he’s been poisoned from the way he doubles over, coughing and sputtering. Well, so much for being a bigger threat than Ozan.

Speaking of which, Ozan heads back and confronts his Mother. He knows that Serdar wasn’t as bad as she made him out to be, rendering his death an unnecessary consequence. Eventually Ozan leaves, deciding against following her teachings from now on.

Meanwhile, Atiye follows the clues from Umut’s visions through a series of doorways to a strange black screen that pulsates with visible sound waves. This static seems to be encrypted and possibly linked up to the TVs too.

Anyway, Atiye steps through another door to show an adjacent fountain to the one we’ve been seeing. According to her, everything in this universe has a projection of itself. An opposite, mirror image that keeps everything in balance.

They continue their search and happen upon a slab of rock inside some vents This, as it turns out, is the key to unlocking all the mysteries of the Goberklitepe. As Atiye touches the slab, she jumps back in time to see the ritual play out.

With Aden on the ritual table, a strange sphere with an eye hovering above the table casts its glance on her. It also seems to be reaching out too. No, it’s not Sauron from Lord Of The Rings guys.

In fact, it seems to be the Eye Of Horus, more Egyptian iconography. This deity was the divine judge and – according to Egyptian culture – is the symbol associated with protection from the Gods. With Aden’s eyes sporting mysterious shades of blue and yellow, this seems to be indicative of the sun and moon. It could well be that Aden is making a similar choice to Horus, being forced to choose whether to start a new era or not.

Elsewhere, Melek shows up to see Umut. As she’s let inside, we cut back in time to see Umut’s christening. It’s a brief scene, one that eventually sees us back in the present and with Melek gone. Up on the wall is scrawled the letters “m.y.”. While this is going on, Canssu and Ozan patch up their differences after the latter explains everything.

With the final slab in hand, Atiye and Erham bring it back to Umut who places it on the drawing of the tree on the wall. Erhan is called away by Mustafa though, who confirms the DNA results from Serdar’s body. Here, he reveals that Ozan was the one who killed him. They also find Melik’s DNA too. The only trouble is, the call to Cansu is intercepted by Melek herself, whacking the girl in the back of the head and leaving her knocked out on the ground.

Ozan eventually confronts his Mother and holds her up at gunpoint. However, Melek manages to convince him to let his guard down, using that to her advantage and pushing him off the edge of the roof.

As Melek slips away, Erhan tries in vain to save Ozan. He tells him to look after Ada before falling square on his back on the ground. As he does, Aden suddenly awakens from her entranced state to find him on the ground.

Overcome with rage, she watches this transpire and casts a glance up at Ozan and Atiye, believing that they’re responsible for knocking him down. As she does, her eyes glow yellow and blue.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode now starts to fill in the blanks as we learn a bit more about this prophecy and what role Aden has in all this. So it seems like the Eye Of Horus and Egyptian mythology is seeping into this show, alongside the Christian iconography we’ve been seeing so much of.

It does make sense in a way, especially with the hieroglyphics and the story about Mesopotamia (which was the first civilization alongside the Egyptians, interestingly.)

This big treasure hunt has led everyone to this fortress in Dara and it seems the story is now poised to see this prophesied child given the task of choosing whether to start anew or not.

Given she’s just seen Ozan killed, it seems like she’s going to go for the latter option as she’s overcome with emotion.

This season has been pretty good overall, although there have been some contrivances and a few dud subplots overall. Cansu and Ozan’s will they/won’t they romance, for example, never really had much chemistry. However, the show certainly leaves things wide open for the next episode.

Hopefully we get some answers there though, as Atiye sets everything up for a dramatic finale.

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  1. The Christian iconography you speak of is also present in Islam. Adam and Eve etc. There are many shared stories across these religions. The characters of the show are Muslim but like many people, believe in older gods to some extent too.

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