Atiye (The Gift) – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Atiye (The Gift) Season 3 starts with Aden back with Atiye and Erhan. She’s distant though, refusing to engage with the family. Eventually though Atiye holds her hand, prompting a gust of wind to pick up.

A tree branch falls and almost hits Atiye, but Erhan manages to move her at the last second before she receives a nasty scratch to the face. Honestly guys, this tree branch is tiny. I’ve walked into tree branches taller than this while watching TV on my phone. And I have the bruises to show for it. Anyway, moving on…

Erhan helps patch up Atiye’s arm, dabbing cotton wool over the cut. In the aftermath of this, Erhan raises suspicions over her daughter. Atiye however, chalks it up to Aden being scared and alone.

Meanwhile, Ozan speaks to Melek who claims that these higher authorities managed to “pause” her process and was freed. She’s chalked this up to a miracle, and tells Ozan he should walk this path that she’s on with her. At least, that’s what she told him when she returned. Now though, Ozan is having doubts.

Melek tasks Ozan with gaining Atiye’s trust, although he knows that gaining Erhan’s is going to be a lot more difficult. Well, Ozan does what he’s told and shows up where he’s requested. Only, it’s Mustafa who confronts him, distrusting of Ozan’s methods and promising to keep a close eye on him.

Ozan makes good on his promise though and heads up to see Aden. Atiye lets him in for a drink, where they talk about Aden’s gift and how special she is. It’s his mission to protect Aden – even if that means protecting her from Atiye.

Erhan relays the news about Aden’s return to Umut, who heads out to meet them. She’s understandably anxious, prompting Erhan to head over to her studio instead. Umut promises to do her best to decipher what’s on the orb.

Well, whatever this is, the crackling can be seen with Meket’s TV too, which manifests in a countdown of some sort on her phone and the TV screen. Quite what its origin is and how that translates to our current prophecy, remains to be seen.

Anyway, when Erhan returns home and finds Ozan there, he’s not exactly thrilled to see him. Ozan throws in seeds of doubt by mentioning Serdar’s death too. He’s quick not to incriminate himself though, leaving the culprit as a secret.

When he leaves, Erhan and Atiye come to blows over Aden’s purpose. The latter wants to do anything she can to have an intimate relationship with Aden, even if that means putting her trust in the wrong places.

The search for the unknown language continues as Erhan catches up with Umut, who believes the clues may well lead them to a place called Mardin. Only, that happens to be Umut’s hometown. She seems to be one of the keys to this, although she asks if Atiye can come too – which Erhan is less enthused about.

As the episode closes out, Atiye heads outside and finds Aden starting a large fire, watching as the flames lick hungrily into the air. As Atiye holds her daughter’s hands, flashes of that ritual from the past bleed through, including the sacrificial dagger we saw from before.

The Episode Review

Whatever is on that orb seems to be linked to a countdown that Melek now has in her hand. Could this also be indicative of when the unknown organization show up? Or is this another prophetic “end of the world” scenario? Either way, there’s lots of tantalizing prospects left open for the second half of this season.

With Aden back, the search for her whereabouts has now finished and instead been replaced by understanding what’s happened to her and why she is the way that she is. This girl is definitely the key to something, and given the prophecy seems to mention realities, it’s not too much of a stretch to think these two things are linked.

Either way, Atiye continues the good work done across the previous two seasons with an intriguing mystery box. Let’s just hope we get to peek inside for some solid answers before season’s end!

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