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Episode 3 of Atiye (The Gift) Season 3 begins with Cansu arriving at Ozan’s place. There, Aden is ushered away as Melek arrives to greet her. She spews cryptic half-truths, speaking of moments of clarity, before paving way for Ozan to enter the scene.

Sporting blood spatters across his arm (from Serdar’s murder of course) and an anxious disposition, Cansu senses something is up. She scans the room and eventually settles on a symbol of an eye on the window. As she examines it closer, she realizes that the little girl is actually Atiye’s daughter. She scrambles out the house but it’s too late. Aden is led into a car and taken away. Cansu scrambles to send her sister a voicemail, telling Atiye that Ozan is behind this.

Unaware of the message and following her own breadcrumb trail, Erhan and Atiye arrive at the beach hut and find evidence of Aden’s stay. The symbol is still on the beach, while Atiye experiences visions of this cabin, including her daughter sleeping in bed.

The pair find the basement descending down and examine the pine cone on the circular platform. They speak of the prophecy here too, paying specific attention to the ripening of the first seed and how a new age will come. This seems to hold the clue to whatever’s going on.

Erhan finds the black circular panel on the wall to be hollow, and quickly smashes it open. Behind it, a strange spinning orb and a symbol of a snake biting its own tail can be seen. This, for those unaware, is the symbol of Ouroboros, which originates from Ancient Egyptian iconography. This seems significant so let’s cling to that for the season ahead!

Erhan grabs the orb while Atiye finally hears the voice message about Ozan.

They hurry back to the estate, Cansu questions Ozan’s motives. He claims he’s been doing all of this for Aden, which grants him a swift slap across the cheek for his troubles. That soon escalates into so much more when Atiye gets there, demanding answers and leaving Ozan with a bloody nose.

Ozan eventually leaves, meeting back up with Melek again and telling him to break things off with Cansu. As he mulls this over, Melek updates him on the plan. They need to get away but still need to use the girl for their nefarious scheme. The details of this, of course, are left unknown for now.

Erhan eventually returns to Atiye, who’s optimistic that they’ll get their daughter back. As they sit together, the wind outside starts rustling as a pine cone stands on the porch. Atiye investigate and finds Aden standing from afar. A message from Ozan is sent to Cansu, reading “You were right, I’m sorry.”

As Atiye reaches out and touches Aden, she screams and backs away. Watching from afar is Ozan, who messages Melek and asks what they need to do next. It seems all of this is their plan, as the long game commences.

The Episode Review

With Aden and Melek both back, the upcoming episodes should hopefully shed some light over what’s going on and what this prophecy means.

It seems like Melek is instrumental to all this, while Ozan is just the messenger boy and running errands for this shadowy organization – who in turn are relaying their messages through Melek.

Either way, this shorter chapter sees this cat and mouse chase come to an end, while Ozan’s motivations are still unclear given he’s flip-flopping his allegiance a fair amount. Is he really on Melek’s side? Or is he starting to doubt what he’s been told to do?

With Serdar now dead and Atiye back with her daughter, The Gift slows down slightly for a revealing chapter… and a promising sign of things to come.

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