Atiye (The Gift) – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Prophetic Child

Episode 2 of Atiye (The Gift) Season 3 begins with flashes of the past, as we see Cansu coughing and bleeding out. Two separate timelines interweave here – one that sees Serdar choke her out with a pillow and the other that sees him take her to hospital.

Well, Serdar follows the clues and finds Aden down by the beach. However, he also finds Ozan too, prompting him to stare at his son in shock. Unfortunately he’s knocked out from behind.

Aden seems to hold a higher purpose, and Ozan leads her into the basement and tells her to lie down. When she does, Atiye does the same thing after finding the shard of rock hidden in the pine cones.

Flashes of past memories bleed through, including cultists performing a ritual and numerous pillars. Someone approaches with a sacrificial knife, leading to Atiye and Aden awakening with a start.

Atiye’s vision sends her to Serap, who claims her daughter has powers and she’s reaching out for help. She encourages Atiye to see Serdar. Only, when she arrives at his apartment she learns that a young man was with him. After speaking to Cansu, she starts to work out that it’s Erhan, although she doesn’t explicitly say so.

Erhan continues his investigation, following a photo of a shop window to its destination. This could well hold the clues to the Göbeklitepe disaster. Although the woman inside feigns ignorance, Erhan knows that she’s Umut Yazici, the sole survivor from the cave-in. He recites the words he wrote down before about the prophecy of death being the beginning, which immediately sees her taken aback and forcing him out.

Ozan continues to keep Atiye’s daughter alive inside his beach cabin. When he receives a call, he slips outside and talks to his boss. He tells them that the procedure isn’t working anymore, as Ozan worries about what the next steps should be.

Whatever is going on, it’s linked to the pine cones, as the camera pans down and shows Aden place on the circular platform in the basement.  In doing so, it inexplicably appears on Atiye’s painting, along with the symbol faintly seen by shining a light on the back.

This brigs Erhan and Atiye back to see Umut, believing her shop holds the clues. She mentions the signs and dreams she’s been having, including the dual-coloured eyes that Aden was sporting. Eventually she agrees to help, telling them about her vision.

According to her, Aden is the reason she survived. However, she also sheds more light on this prophecy, including a being that’s supposed to open up reality. That, it seems, is actually Aden. As Umut tries to find a map for them to use, she realizes that it’s gone.

Serdar awakens to find himself locked in a garage. Ozan heads in to greet his Father, who pleads with him to get out and save himself from this organization. Unfortunately, a woman wearing high heels arrives and reveals herself. It’s Melek!  As she stands, staring at Serdar, Ozan chokes his Father out and kills him outright.

Meanwhile, Cansu shows up at Ozan’s house, where Aden answers the door. She smiles faintly, as everything is left wide open.

The Episode Review

Atiye deepens the mystery as we see our characters scrambling to make sense of what’s happening. There are signs that these different realities are starting to become blurred, typified by that opening shot of Cansu dying and staying alive. That’s not to mention Melek somehow still alive too.

Ozan is obviously working with the shadowy organization but he’s just a puppet for a higher power.

Serdar being killed off is a pretty big surprise while the future role of Aden seems to be linked directly to this prophecy we’ve been hearing about. If she’s really this fabled girl who can alter and open realities, is she responsible for these parallel worlds?

There’s a lot more still to decipher with this one but so far season 3 has been an enthralling watch.

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