Atiye (The Gift) – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Family Drama

Episode 7 of Atiye sees our protagonist looking at the photograph and noticing something up. Clutching it tightly, she leaves before Cansu has a chance to admit to what she’s done with Ozan. Atiye heads straight for her father and asks who Cansu really is and it’s here we learn that she’s actually Erhan’s sister.

As more of the past is revealed, her Father admits the car crash 23 years ago was actually a murder made to look like an accident. He begs her to stay quiet before meeting Ozan, who acts shifty and prompts suspicions to rise with her. As she heads off to the bathroom, Cansu leaves a voice message for her admitting the truth but Ozan deletes the message before Atiye gets a chance to read it.

Regardless of what happened in the past, Atiye breaks up with him, leading a desperate Ozan to beg her to stay. She refuses, and eventually leaves him sitting alone. Unfortunately Serdar is none too happy with this when he finds out and as Ozan heads home, he beats his son for not being able to seal the deal with Atiye.

Atiye heads to Erhan’s and they look at the evidence once more around what they’ve found. Within the items is a cryptograph, something that appears to have been used back during the time of the Ottoman Empire. Before they can decipher it any further however, Atiye and Erhan wind up kissing and making love. When she awakens in the morning, she finds a red mark on her neck that seemingly appears overnight. Just before Erhan leaves, Atiye admits that Cansu is his sister.

Ozan confronts Cansu over what happened and after pushing her into the wall, he accidentally impales her against a rogue nail, sending the young girl crashing down to the floor with blood all over her hands. As she passes out, Atiye heads home and finds Erhan’s sister on the floor. Police arrive at the house but it turns out the entire thing has been an elaborate trap staged by Ozan as revenge and to paint her as the murderer. As the duo manage to get out, Serdar speaks to his son about the incident and tells him not to own up to the murder and blame it on Atiye instead.

At the station, both families converge together over Cansu’s death and watch the video footage of her admitting to sleeping with Ozan. This is also broadcast across the news too and as Atiye breaks down crying at her Father’s house, she receives a call from her Mum to come and visit her. Heading out to see her in the pouring rain, she tells her daughter she should have let this go to prevent more deaths. As it turns out, this was a trap the whole time and police rush to the scene.

Serap holds her daughter and seemingly sees the vision of Atiye arriving and seeing Cansu dead. Unfortunately the police arrest her before anything else can be followed up.

With Atiye now arrested and the entire episode dominated by familial drama bubbling to the surface, the early mystery around the symbols and what Atiye’s connection to all of this appears to have been lost in favour of a more melodramatic tone. The series is still enjoyable but it does feel a little disappointing that the show has gone this route rather than doubling down and really reveling in its mystery. Hopefully the final can knock it out the part but right now, Atiye appears to be gearing up for a trademark Netflix cliffhanger ending.

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