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The Time Travelling Boy

Episode 7 of A Time Called You begins with Min-ju seeing Si-heon’s confession from the mental cave. Jun-hee avoids Si-heon and instead joins In-gyu to ask around the neighbourhood about the photos. She also tries to make him feel better about why Si-heon didn’t tell him about USA. He says she should date whoever she likes and not pity him.

She says she doesn’t and that she doesn’t know why she confessed to Si-heon. She talks in third person and tries to correct herself but he says she doesn’t need to pretend with him. But he adds that he liked her better before and thinks she is changing herself to get Si-heon’s attention.

Tired of the whole love triangle drama, Jun-hee calls Si-heon as well and tells them the truth about her. Si-heon gets serious and says he was sent from the future as well on a mission. Turns out he is just messing with her and tells the plot of Terminator. In-gyu and he start bickering about his mission and she is annoyed.

She tells them about Min-ju’s murder and they seem to get serious again. Only to deduce that she is making up a story to get them to reconcile. They start messing around with her but the boys are clearly back on good terms.

She stomps off and the boys have a meal together. They go through the incidents after the attack and think that there may be some truth to what she is saying. In-gyu says he anyway doesn’t like this new Min-ju. Si-heon gets mad that he didn’t tell him before as he was feeling guilty for liking the same girl. They then get on the topic of him moving and Si-heon profusely apologises. In-gyu messes around with him and it is clear they are fine now.

That night at school, Da-hyeon and two minions are putting up photos of Jun-hee undressing on the class blackboard. Turns out Da-hyeon sent the photos of her to scare her. The minions suddenly need to go to the bathroom and leave Da-hyeon alone. Chan-yeong 2.0 grabs her with a blade and the next day, she is found dead at her desk. 

Jun-hee overhears the minions as they think Min-ju killed Da-hyeon for the photos. Jun-hee is shocked and confronts them. Si-heon arrives late and panics after someone tells him a girl from their class is dead. In-gyu stops him and brings him up to date on the case and Jun-hee joins them. The cop observes the trio leave and looks troubled.

The trio regroup at Si-heon’s place and she tells them about Da-hyeon. She thinks the killer took down the photos and took revenge on her behalf. This means he and the culprit from the attack aren’t the same. But In-gyu thinks they are the same as the culprit probably killed Da-hyeon cause she messed with his target – Min-ju.

As Si-heon walks In-gyu home, alone in his room, Jun-hee observes that Si-heon is good at designing. He returns and says it is a hobby. She says he should not just rely on good grades as it can get tough to get a job in 2023. She doesn’t realise that Yeon-jun had said a friend had said this exact same thing when she asked about him being a designer.

Si-heon teasingly calls her Jun-hee and believes she may be this 2023 girl cause there is this new look in her eyes. He says he wants to know more and unwittingly says it is because he admires her. She calls him out and he gets nervous and leaves. Alone, she reacts and turns out she too gets butterflies because of him.

She sees he is good at drawing and as she goes through his sketch pad she spots Yeon-jun’s painting of the girl running through the forest. He enters and calls her Jun-hee and she tears up. She says he is Yeon-jun all along but before she can explain, Na-eun wakes her up and brings her back to 2023.

Jun-hee runs to Chi-won and pleads with him to tell the truth. The scarred guy approaches her and says he can answer. She asks if he is Si-heon or Yeon-jun and he tears up. 

It is 2002 and Si-heon has returned to South Korea for a while. He tries to visit In-gyu who is in jail but he refuses. He takes a bus and listens to Si-won’s cassette in Min-ju’s player. He falls asleep and soon the bus swerves in the rain and falls off the road. He is severely injured but the cassette is still playing.

It cuts to the hospital and he flatlines for a few seconds before coming back to life. He wakes up to Yeon-jun’s mother and sister calling him Yeon-jun. They say he has been in a coma for a week. They call him Koo Yeon-jun and he remembers Jun-hee calling him that name. He is shocked to see that he is now 18 years old and it is the year 2007. Turns out, the real Yeon-jun was in a car accident with a friend who died on the spot.

In a flashback, Si-heon finds In-gyu with Min-ju’s body. In-gyu says he killed her. At present, Si-heon goes to Noksan and sees that 27 Record is about to close. He greets Chi-won who is glad to see him but is shocked he looks the same. Si-heon tells him everything and they finally believe that Jun-hee was telling the truth about time travelling. 

Chi-won says the record store isn’t doing well and because of Jun-hee saying he has a cafe in 2023, he will open one. He regrets not listening to her back then as they could have prevented Min-ju’s murder. He also adds that after Si-heon’s accident in 2002, he doesn’t know what happened to him.

Si-heon goes to their old school and reminisces about his time with In-gyu and Jun-hee. He goes online and finds Jun-hee’s social media account. He waits outside her university all day but gets hungry and goes to eat at a convenience store. Coincidentally, Jun-hee enters and sits next to him. He can’t stop staring and she finally looks at him.

The Episode Review

Jun-hee has been much better at handling the boys than Min-ju. Min-ju always ignored In-gyu but Jun-hee is equally nice to both. Though she may be brash, she is still a good mediator.

By the way, say it is Chan-yeong who killed Da-hyeon for messing with Jun-hee in episode 7 of A Time Called You. He shrugs when Si-heon compliments his drawing and smirks – when Jun-hee tells In-gyu the old Min-ju will be back – as if he is teasing her. But if he is protecting her, why is he hiding from her?

And okay, so Si-heon is clearly Yeon-jun, or a better understanding is that they are the same person. The real Yeon-jun died in the hospital when he flatlined and Si-heon took over his body. Guess the Scarred Guy is Si-heon then.

The clues were there all along but we were thinking it was the other way round. Hence ‘Yeon-jun’ acted like he knew Jun-hee forever when they met for the first time in the library. Because he had already met her in 1998 in Min-ju’s body. This is some Time Traveller’s Wife confusion going on.

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  1. Hey @k fan, without getting into spoilers if you haven’t watched the full show yet, it is all explained in episode 9

  2. i dont understand why there are 2 Si heon at the same time? the uncles called si heon and told him jun hee is in the same college her – this was very confusing to me.

  3. Hi @Deborah, they never explain it but it can be considered that Si-heon did not visit Jun-hee immediately as he needed her to travel back to 1998 and save Min-ju and In-gyu. Maybe she would not be interested in time travelling or saving them if she got back Si-heon.

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