A Time Called You – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Real Min-ju

Episode 11 of A Time Called You begins with Jun-hee getting the cassette and the player fixed. It takes a few tries and she almost gives up, but it finally plays but in a warped way. She is transported to 1998 on the day she is in Si-heon’s room and sees his painting of her.

She cries and hugs him and he is confused. She is constantly clingy and hugging him but Si-heon doesn’t mind but he’s worried. She says she went into the future and so she missed him. She goes home and smiles as she touches her face.

Suddenly, Jun-hee’s voice is heard and it is revealed she is stuck in the mental cave and it is the real Kwon Min-ju who has taken over her own body. On his way home, Si-heon recalls Jun-hee never hugging him as tightly as she just did. But he doesn’t think much of it.

The next day, Min-ju learns how to act like Jun-hee. She is excited when her tough-love Jun-hee strategy works on her brother. But she still has a hard time acting completely like Jun-hee as she is not used to Si-heon and the rest of the classmates being nice to her.

The cops call her in and interrogate her about her photos taken by Da-hyeon missing. The cop notices something is off as she was much more confident when she stood up for In-gyu. She deflects but he finds it odd. He tells his partner who wonders why she is acting differently.

She gets scared that she was almost caught. She finally acknowledges Jun-hee and gleefully says she will be the perfect imitation as she has had all that time in the mental cave to observe Jun-hee. Jun-hee is shocked by this revelation but she could care less about Min-ju’s sinister plan as she is about to be murdered by Chan-yeong.

Jun-hee tells her about him and her death date of October 13. But Min-ju simply ignores her and tells Si-heon he should constantly be with her to protect her. He and In-gyu agree but the latter finds something off. Chan-yeong suddenly walks by and looks suspicious when Min-ju gets startled.

Si-heon takes her home and gifts her a pager. She kisses him as gratitude for the gift and his heart flutters. But once his mind clears he is confused by her action. At home, Min-ju writes in her diary about kissing and Jun-hee is surprised as she never saw this entry.

Min-ju tears the page and writes – that boy is Yeon-jun. That was the entry that brought Jun-hee back to 1998 for the second time. Min-ju says she wrote it to trap Jun-hee. She doesn’t mind acting like someone else as long as Si-heon likes her. Jun-hee keeps pleading that she understands her feelings but to tell the boys about Chan-yeong. Min-ju just laughs it off.

The next day, she borrows a camera and takes the boys to Seoul. They enjoy the rides at an amusement park and take tons of photos. But she only keeps focusing on Si-heon who keeps including In-gyu so he isn’t left out.

While In-gyu calls his grandmother, Si-heon tells Min-ju he might stay back in South Korea alone and she gets excited. On the way home, she rests her head on a sleeping Si-heon’s shoulder and In-gyu watches.

When Si-heon and Min-ju go to develop the photos, she asks for a second batch and writes her name in her handwriting which he catches. It starts raining and she’s annoyed and tells him to hurry as she doesn’t like to get wet. He suddenly remembers Jun-hee enjoying and laughing in the rain during the art competition.

At school, he avoids her and In-gyu asks why. Si-heon guesses right that Min-ju is back and pretending to be Jun-hee. In-gyu agrees but turns out he thinks Jun-hee was never real and Min-ju was just acting the whole time. Maybe she is now tired so her real personality is seeping through. Si-heon is hurt that he doesn’t believe Jun-hee’s truth while Min-ju overhears and cries. Chan-yeong observes and realises that she is back.

At the record shop, he buys the Si-won cassette and she trembles and stammers. He welcomes her back and says he is looking forward to finishing what they started. He plays a cat-and-mouse game till Si-heon appears and he hides. 

Meanwhile, Si-heon confronts Min-ju about her change in handwriting and her personality, and she tries her best to act like Jun-hee. He sees through her and Jun-hee begs her to tell him about Chan-yeong. But Min-ju asks if he will continue to like her if she says the truth and his reaction is telling.

Instead, he asks her if she knows if Jun-hee will ever come back. Oh boy, you really shouldn’t have. Furious, Min-ju ruins everything – she says Jun-hee was never real and she made up the time-travelling story so he would like her. She says if there is an afterlife, he won’t even see Jun-hee there as she never existed. Ouch! The real Jun-hee begs her to stop but she leaves while Si-heon tears up.

The Episode Review

Jeon Yeo-been does so well, especially in episode 11 of A Time Called You, you can literally see when she is Min-ju or Jun-hee or Min-ju acting like Jun-hee. While we get why Min-ju is acting selfish as she is an 18-year-old who has been trapped for the better half of a year and her crush finally likes her back, it is still frustrating.

Girl, you are about to be murdered and Jun-hee has even given you all the details, she doesn’t care about your crush on Si-heon. Do something about it! If you think you are somehow trapping Jun-hee and enacting revenge, that’s a terrible plan as she will just travel back to 2023 once someone wakes her up.

By the way, our theory is that the time-travelling tape didn’t work for Jun-hee in episode 10 because Min-ju was already dead. But it works in episode 11 because the cops interrupt the current time loop’s Chan-yeong way before he can kill Min-ju. This is why he gets confused and says they weren’t supposed to catch him just yet when they arrested him.

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