Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Final Test

Episode 9 of Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout begins with Ryza and Kladuia hanging out at Atelier Ryza. Empel and Lila arrive to discuss things with each other. Later, Ryza, Lent, and Tao fight monsters somewhere. They find some Pentanite and leave the place. They all acknowledge each other for their growth and meet up with Klaudia. Klaudia tells them that her father will issue their final test tomorrow. They’ll compete in a competition against Bos.

It’s the day of the competition, and Mr. Lambert explains they’ll be racing Bos to see who can reach the fork in the north and return first. They’re told monsters were reportedly showing up on this highway, so it’s best they keep their guard up. Bos, Lumbar, and a Guardian are their opponents, and Bos takes the chance to mock Ryza and her friends. Ryza and the others leave to complete the mission after learning more rules.

Ryza and her friends make it to the Highway Ruin and notice someone struggling to move a carriage. At the same time, they spot a monster heading the person’s way. Lent makes quick work of the monster, and the trio helps the pedestrian with their carriage issue. He hands them a reward as thanks and leaves.

The trio takes a break to eat, but a monster swipes Ryza’s food, enticing her to chase it. Tao spots strange writing on a stone fragment, alluding to a fierce bird creature. Ryza returns and says the monster got away. They continue traveling and reach the fork area. Bos and his team find Ryza, and he’s shocked by their progress. He promises he won’t let them win the competition and urges Lumbar and his Guardian to pick up the pace.

Thereafter, Ryza and her friends visit the hut Agatha told them about. Tao examines the warning on the door, and Ryza and Lent help him break it down. Tao copies it down and urges the others that it’s time to return home. Ryza and the others spot Lumbar, Bos, and their Guardian lying on the floor. A giant dragon arrives, startling Ryza and her friends. They try combatting the dragon, but he’s too strong. They hide behind some debris to plan.

Ryza asks Lent and Tao to retrieve Bos and Lumbar. She plans to lure the dragon away from them and reassures them that she’ll be okay. Ryza’s bombs prove ineffective against the dragon. However, the dragon winds up cracking the stone with the text Tao deciphered earlier, snapping it out of its deranged state. The dragon flees, making Ryza and the others question its actions. They take the time to grab Bos, Lumbar, and the Guardian and return home.

Ryza and her friends inform Agatha about what happened and wait at the doctor’s location to receive an update on Bos and his allies’ condition. Klaudia realizes Ryza, Lent, and Tao are concerned about Bos and the others’ status and learns Ryza, Lent, and Tao used to be close friends with Bos. Agatha tells the trio Bos, Lumbar, and their guardian will be okay, and Mr. Lubart thanks Ryza and her friends for their efforts.

Mr. Lubart apologizes for issuing this challenge and tells Ryza she and her friends have passed the test. He requests they take a break from adventuring until the dragon issue is resolved. Ryza and Klaudia bump into Romy and a merchant the next day. Romy explains how everyone in the village is worried about the dragon. We cut to someone informing the public that it was unwise for them to let outsiders into the village because of what’s happening with the dragon.

Ryza and her friends return to the Atelier and discuss the dragon issue with Lila and Empel. Ryza says she developed a stronger bomb recipe she wants to use on the dragon. Although she doesn’t want to fight the dragon, she’ll combat it if it dares threaten the village. Tao tells Empel about the stone fragment situation.

Empel says the crystalized scorpion monster they encountered in a previous episode may have enticed the dragon to pop up. He says the stone fragment is a device that’s usually paired with a wizard who issues commands. Without a command, Empel believes the dragon will remain in the area as long as the crystal monster is in the area. Empel and Lila tell Ryza and her friends they’ll be departing to track and hunt the crystal monster.

The episode closes with Ryza wondering if it’s best for them to sit by and let these two handle the situation.

The Episode Review

Despite completing Mr. Lubart’s test and earning his trust, Ryza, and her friends have bigger issues to worry about. Fortunately, Empel informed them of what needed to be done to prevent the dragon from visiting the village and destroying it. Although he and Lila have experience, viewers might be concerned that they’re underplaying the crystalized monster’s strength. 

Ryza alludes to this a bit near this chapter’s final moments. At the same time, Empel and Lila haven’t demonstrated their true strength to our protagonists, so it’s possible they won’t be in any real danger during this expedition. It appears we’ll need to wait until episode 10 to see if they can find and stop the crystalized beast.

As for episode 9 itself, it was a fine chapter. Viewers will love seeing how far Ryza and her friends have come since the first chapter. Witnessing her, Lent, and Tao team up to defeat minor monsters in battle feels satisfying alongside seeing them utilize their diverse skills to aid each other too. At the same time, it would’ve been great if the series focused on each individual character throughout this series to make their growth feel authentic.

Overall, this was a decent chapter with pleasing action scenarios, interesting revelations, and a great set-up. I’m interested to see what Ryza and her friends will do next since it’s likely she won’t sit around and wait for Empel and Lila to handle everything on their own. Hopefully, it leads to a satisfying resolution. 

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