At A Distance, Spring Is Green – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

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The School Festival

Episode 7 of At a Distance, Spring Is Green begins with Yeo Joon telling So-Bin to brace herself as he leans forward for a kiss. Only, she’s the one who kisses him first. After this tentative moment, he gives her a piggyback to the dorms, especially given she’s blind drunk.

While she staggers into her dorm room, Yeo Joon receives a message from Soo-Hyun. They meet up and talk, where Soo-Hyun thanks him for getting his job and a place to stay.

In the morning, So-Bin finds herself despairing over memories of her kiss with Yeo Joon. While wandering the campus, Chan-Ki appears and tris to help. A jealous Yeo Joon notices from afar though and intervenes, taking So-Bin aside. She’s understandably nervous as Yeo Joon looks her square in the eye and tells her he likes her. Eventually though, she tells him the same thing!

At school, a big school festival gets underway. There, So-Hyun finds himself with Young Ran, who’s pretty strong after breaking bottles with her bare hands. Min-Joo is there too and she’s very clearly head over heels for Soo-Hyun. When Soo-Hyun gets up and does some karaoke, Min-joo can’t take her eyes off of him.

The kids then celebrate Soo-Hyun’s birthday in the dormitory. After pushing his face into the cake, the kids play truth or dare. As they do, the truth about Yeo-Joon and So-Bin’s relationship is revealed. Min-joo decides to tell Soo-Hyun exactly how she feels….but fluffs her lines at the last second. Poor Min-Joo!

That evening, So-Bin receives some good news. She’s going to be doing a research gig with Professor Yeo. When Yeo-joon finds out, he’s not exactly pleased and pleads with her not to. He refuses to go into more detail though as she walks away.

Unfortunately Cheon-Kook and Jung-Ho seize their opportunity and grab So-Bin, taking her aside to try and make money off of her. When Yeo Joon gets involved, he tries to help but he’s punched and knocked on the floor repeatedly by his former friends.

In the aftermath of this though, So-Bin and Yeo Joon wind up kissing outside as Soo-Hyun receives a call telling him that the kids are in trouble.

The Episode Review

At a Distance, Spring Is Green returns this week with a decent and enjoyable episode. The school festival is a good opportunity to allow Yeo-Joon and So-Bin to grow closer together while developing the angst and longing for Min-Joo as well.

You have to feel for the girl as she clearly likes Soo-Hyun but finds it difficult to admit the truth and open up to him. It’s easy to root for her though and hopefully she gets her happily ever after!

Meanwhile, a little more of Yeo Joon’s past is revealed although for now that still remains a big question mark over whether the kids will overcome it and remain in their happily-ever-after or not.

For now, At A Distance, Spring Is Green bows out with another decent episode, one that leaves things wide open for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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