A Sunday Affair (2023) Ending Explained – Do Toyin and Uche find their happy ending ?

A Sunday Affair Plot Synopsis

A Sunday Affair is a Nigerian Netflix movie that follows two childhood best friends, Uche and Toyin. All their lives, they have always been there for each other through every thick and thin situation. The two friends are hoping to find true love and finally settle down.

Uche is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to use whichever means to advance herself. On the other hand, Toyin is more laid-back, has no faith in men and is hoping to be a mom. However, their friendship is threatened when they both fall for the same man, Sunday.

Who is Sunday?

Sunday is your typical,  good-looking, wealthy  Nigerian man. Sunday is a man going through a divorce and is going around town using his charms to seduce women. He meets Uche at his brother’s wedding and they hook -up. He is not looking for something serious but has a hard time telling the women he is seeing this.

He is a sweet talker and knows what to say when to say it and what to do to get a woman to fall for him. Basically, he is the kind of man, mothers warn their daughters about.

How do Sunday and Toyin meet?

Toyin knew what went down between Uche and Sunday at the wedding. She also knew that Sunday is a married man and had no tolerance for a man like him. Toyin hates cheaters and she was not pleased when she had to sit next to Sunday on a train. Sunday uses this opportunity to get to her good side.

He tells her about his divorce during dinner after they were unable to get a train back to town. By the end of the dinner, Toyin was completely taken by him. She even opened up to him about her desire to become a mom through an IUI procedure.

After a few dates, Toyin starts to trust him and develops feelings for him. She only tells Uche that she has a new boyfriend but never mentions his name.

How do Sunday and Uche start their relationship?

Uche is a go-getter and she likes married men. This is why she slept with Sunday during her sister’s wedding. Technically, she and Sunday are in-laws.  She is also in a transactional relationship with Sam, her business partner and sugar daddy. Sam is a man who sees her as a plaything and has no respect for her.

On the other hand, Sunday keeps telling her that she is worthy and smart. He even promises to invest in her art studio. Uche starts seeing him as the one but she doesn’t tell Toyin about her reconnection with Sunday.

What happens between Toyin and Sunday?

As their relationship progresses, Toyin learns that she has cervical cancer. At the same time, Sunday is ready to come clean that he is dating her best friend. He had been ghosting Toyin, in hopes that she will get the hint. Toyin confronts him but doesn’t cling to him. At this point, she thinks that Sunday is not ready for a relationship because he is newly divorced. She is not aware that he is in a relationship with Uche.

They meet again when Toyin is overwhelmed with her cancer diagnosis. After hearing the sad news, Sunday decides to keep Toyin in the dark about his relationship with Uche. He tells Toyin he loves her and that he will be there for her through the treatment.

Toyin also learns that she is pregnant and decides to carry the baby to full term. She has always wanted to be a mom. This is why she gives up her treatment and focuses on doing everything she can to bring a baby into the world.

Does Uche find out about Sunday’s affair?

Uche finds out about Sunday’s affair with Toyin after she learns Toyin has cancer. Initially, she had gotten into a fight with Sam, her sugar daddy and kicked him to the curb for Sunday. She is hurt and confronts Sunday at his office. Sunday tries to tell her that he loves her and he is ready to tell Toyin the truth.

However, Uche is scared that his betrayal will make Toyin lose her will to fight cancer and live.  They agree that they will end their relationship and he will continue to date Toyin. This proves hard to do, as they have to pretend in front of Toyin.

One fateful day, they give in to their urges and Toyin sees them having sex.

What happens between Uche and Toyin?

Obviously, Toyin is devastated to learn the truth but she doesn’t confront them. She only learned the truth during her last days. She plays a fool and chooses to see it as a good thing that Uche will have someone after she is gone.

In her last letter, before she dies, she reveals that she sent a secret client to Uche’s shop to buy some of the art she sells. She asks Uche to take care of her daughter and raise her as her own. She also wishes Uche and Sunday a happy life.

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