A Storm for Christmas – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of A Storm for Christmas starts with announcements that the weather has cleared up and new flights have been arranged.

Mary calls Arthur and is ecstatic because someone took a video of him playing the piano and now it is all over social media. It was shared by the popstar Ida’s account which led to a lot of views. His concert in Tromsø is now sold out. Arthur smiles.

Olav gets coffee for himself and Diana, who is just waking up. He tells her he’s going to his parent’s home and asks her if she wants to come. It is in the Paris of the North.

The young girl from the bar goes to visit Marius in the hospital and leaves a gift-wrapped present by his bedside.

In the shelter, Frank wakes up the Swedish woman and tells her that the flights are back on. She gets a call and is told the airport is sending her wallet. Frank assumes she will be on the next plane but she decides to stay a little longer. The two of them ask each other questions and get to know each other a little more. Frank is divorced with two adult kids. He recently found someone and is happy with her. She is a lawyer. She has no husband or kids and she likes it that way. She never met her parents. When she asks Frank why he comes to the shelter he says that his son used to be in the shelter but Frank wasn’t there for him during those years. So he’s making up for it now.

Lukas tells Arthur he liked the music he played. He then tells his mother not to worry about him or his eye operation too much. Lukas only needs her to be happy and that will make him happy too. Inspired by him, Maria makes a phone call to Lukas’s father. She tells him to send her money for the sake of their son since Maria is tired of having to work all the time and never being able to see Lukas.

Ida and Ingvild talk about her lyrics. Ingvild says she started writing a year ago. When Ida came out as queer to her parents, Ingvild felt like Ida was put on hold. Ingvild wanted to help her with the lyrics but ended up never showing them to her. As they get ready to leave for their rescheduled flight, Ida tells Ingvild she’s fired.

Maria gets a message on her phone about the money and smiles. She tells Lukas they’ll celebrate Christmas in Norway.

Stine tells the woman that her boyfriend is coming to pick her up but she doesn’t seem happy about it. The woman asks her why.

The Swedish woman gets her wallet and books an uber to the airport. She wishes Frank a merry Christmas and leaves. Frank gets a message that 800,000 KR have been transferred to the shelter from the woman’s law firm.

Kaja’s parents agree to argue less. They tell her that they promised Santa too. When Kaja goes to buy something from a store, her mother apologises to her father. She says she feels frustrated and disappointed but trails off, not knowing how to express herself. She gives him a game set of Pétanque as a Christmas gift. When she suggests couples therapy he refuses since he believes the therapists always side with women. They argue again but also say that they love each other.

On hearing Stine’s story about the two men, the woman hosting her can’t stop laughing. She encourages Stine to stop playing the victim, own up to her choices and come clean to her boyfriend. When her boyfriend arrives to pick her up, she confesses about numerous affairs to him but asks him to give their relationship another chance. He ends things with her and she heads back into the old woman’s house.

Ida talks to someone on the phone about changing Ingvild’s role from assistant to songwriter.

Kaja goes to meet Alex and offers him a bun. She tells him she doesn’t really expect her parents to stop fighting. She takes down his phone number so she can call him when they do argue.

Marius wakes up to see the girl from the bar sitting by him. She says she has a present for her dad. He realises she’s his daughter, calling her Sara. They both admit they’ve been looking for each other. She gives him the running shoes and he says he may go jogging tomorrow. He asks if the storm has passed and she says yes, calling him Papa for the first time.

Ronja meets David by the bar. She laments not being able to give Marius time the day before and being only focused on herself. She tells David to enjoy Málaga with his wife.

A woman arrives to pick up Lasso the dog and take him to the kennel. Henrik unwillingly parts with Lasso.

Ronja hears an announcement calling for David to come to the flight to Málaga. She goes back to meet him. He admits that his wife died six years ago right before they went on holiday to Málaga. Since then, he buys a ticket and comes to the airport every year before Christmas. Ronja takes him to Kine and asks if there is another flight to Málaga. When Kine says there is, Ronja tells her to book another ticket for herself. She tells David she would like to come with him if he doesn’t mind. She says she is scared but the higher powers are saying that the two of them really ‘need a fuck’.

Henrik and Thea are on a train on the way home. They discuss the long night and what they’ll be eating for dinner.

Diana and Olav are on a flight to Tromsø with Diana’s head resting on his shoulder. Maria, Lukas and Arthur are on the same flight. Arthur thanks them for travelling with him and Maria thanks him for the concert tickets. Arthur gives Lukas a Christmas present. Thea wishes Henrik a merry Christmas and gets off the train.

Ida and Ingvild are now happily getting along, working on new music in the VIP lounge. Ida goes to get herself a drink and bumps into the Swedish woman. Something sparks between them. The Swedish woman says she loves what Ida does. They get a glass of wine each and clink them, unable to take their eyes off each other. The Swedish woman introduces herself as Bobbie.

Alex finally gets off his shift and gets a call from Kaja. Lukas inkers with a travel-size keyboard and headphones given to him by Arthur. Sara holds her father’s hand in the hospital. Stine lets go of her inhibitions and dances with the older woman. Henrik opens up his bag and Lasso jumps out.

Frank’s girlfriend is revealed to be none other than Thea. Ronja and David drive the airport buggy to the gate for their flight. Diana and Olav kiss under the northern lights in Tromsø. Alex walks through a now empty airport.

The Episode Review

This was a good finale. It is possible that the earlier episodes set expectations a little too high, but A Storm for Christmas closes in a satisfying way and on a strong emotional note. All the threads are tied up (in sparkling Christmas ribbon, if I may) — Henrik takes the dog and finally commits to something, Diana gets her romantic fantasy but simply in a different city, Arthur finds his lost inspiration, Kaja’s parents get a reality check, Sara meets her father, Ida and Ingvild find a new way to bond, and David finally makes his way to Málaga.

Ronja and David do feel like they were pushed together last minute and the whole deal with Stine seems like it could have been fleshed out a little more. But the show ends at a point where every character has connected with other people in one way or another and that is truly fulfilling. All said and done, rose-tinted glasses or not, this ending is exactly what the Christmas spirit is all about.

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