As the Crow Flies Season 3 Review – An instalment full of vice & retribution

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As the Crow Flies is a gripping Netflix drama that kicked off in 2022 and has been a hit with viewers. The show spans three seasons, with the latest one just dropping recently. The story centers on Lale Kiran, a well-known TV anchor, and her superfan Asli Tuna. Asli idolizes Lale and dreams of following in her footsteps.

She goes all out to land a job at Lale’s office, determined to make her mark in the media world, but as Asli gets deeper into the industry, she realizes that it’s not all glitz and glamour. She sees the cutthroat games people play for power and status. Despite being unsure at the start, Asli’s ambition to reach the top, like Lale’s, starts to consume her. She gets caught in the same games she once despised, resorting to conspiracies and manipulations to secure Lale’s spot in the media spotlight.

Let’s break down the characters in “As the Crow Flies” because they’re as juicy as they come. From the get-go, Lale’s been a picture of grace under fire. Whether it’s dealing with Asli’s schemes, Yousuf’s betrayal, or Guliz and Muge’s plotting, Lale always handles things with class. But this season, her actions don’t quite hit the mark with the audience, and some of her decisions backfire.

Asli, on the other hand, started off on top in the first two seasons but takes a nosedive due to some bad choice, as if karma has come back to bite her, especially after everything she did to Lale. Watching her downfall is oddly satisfying. Speaking of karma, Asli’s been facing the music since the second season, but Guliz comes and saves her from the worst of it. Muge, on the flip side, seems to be living the dream until she realizes she’s got a basket full of insecurities. 

This season, Muge finally gets her moment of triumph. She not only gets her revenge but also handles her responsibilities like we have wanted her to do since the show started. Guliz, on the other hand, is in a rage of anger and betrayal, and despite her success with Asli on the show, she struggles to keep up the momentum, making Asli’s life a living hell in the process.

Then there are the guys, Kenan and Yousuf. Kenan learns to be more expressive about his feelings for Lale while being a solid support for her. Yousuf, who started off strong, takes a major tumble due to some bad judgments. 

The cast of As the Crow Flies season 3 is stacked with talented Turkish actors who really bring their characters to life. Birce Akalay takes on the role of Lale Kiran, portraying her as a strong woman who often makes smart decisions but still ends up hurt by the people around her.

Miray Daner nails her role as Asli Tuna, showing the darker side of desperation and how it can lead someone to make questionable choices and face the consequences. İbrahim Çelikkol as Kenan Sezgin, Demircan Kaçel as Yousuf, Defne Kayalar as Guliz, Burak Yamantürk as Selim Kiran, and İrem Sak as Müge Türkmen all deliver solid performances, making this season a must-watch.

Season 3 keeps the drama alive, continuing the intense rivalry between Asli Tuna and Lale Kiran. Asli, determined to follow in Lale’s footsteps, faces a barrage of conspiracies and challenges. While some plot points may have felt unnecessary, the season glosses over its most anticipated moments.

One of the less exciting plot points involves rumors about Lale’s personal life, which felt like a distraction from the main story. On the other hand, fans are thrilled to see characters like Lale and Muge finally get what’s coming to them. 

“As the Crow Flies” wraps up its final season with a powerful message about the media industry and the price of success. The series has always been about the dark and unethical choices people make to climb the ladder of success quickly, and this season is no different. In the first season, Asli learns the hard way that success in the media industry comes at a cost.

While she initially achieves her goals, she struggles to maintain her position and popularity. However, she gets a second chance in the second season when Guliz offers her a new reality show. Unfortunately, Asli’s poor choices lead to her downfall once again, and she faces the consequences of her actions.

On the other hand, Lale chooses to step away from her power struggles and finally achieves the success she deserves in the final season. In layman’s terms, the show tells us that success is not just about reaching the top but also about how you handle yourself when you get there.

As The Crow Flies has a dedicated fan base who love its portrayal of the dark side of the Turkish media industry. The show serves up exciting karma, showing how people’s desperate desires can drive them to do some pretty unethical things to get ahead.

Featuring some of the best talent from the Turkish scene, the series is top-notch in terms of quality. The plot of this season is especially satisfying for fans, with some really juicy plot twists that’ll keep you choosing to stream the next episode.

If you’re into drama, we highly recommend giving this series a watch but make sure to start from the first two seasons to really get the full experience. Season 3 is a blockbuster finale that’s not to be missed. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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