A Small Light Season 1 Review – A moving story of hope and strength in the presence of catastrophic brutality

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Episode 1 – | Review Score – 4.5/5
Episode 2 – | Review Score – 5/5
Episode 3 – | Review Score – 4.5/5
Episode 4 – | Review Score – 4.5/5
Episode 5 – | Review Score – 4/5
Episode 6 – | Review Score – 4/5
Episode 7 – | Review Score – 5/5
Episode 8 – | Review Score – 5/5


A Small Light is a Nat Geo miniseries takes a fresh look at the tragic story of hope and strength in the presence of catastrophic brutality. For many years now, the Anne Frank tale has been deeply ingrained in popular culture. We are aware that Anne Frank did not endure the entire 761 days of Nazi terror by herself. In addition to her family, Anne also received assistance from people who, given the choice between their own security and adhering to morality, opted for the latter. One of those brave women, Miep Gies, is the subject of this historical drama.

The show’s creators have made an elegant and moving story of bravery, resistance, and the leaps of faith that regular people take in order to preserve humanity. Miep is just a regular girl trying to mature in challenging circumstances for the initial two episodes. She manages to work with Otto Frank at his business using her impressive charm and tenacity. She then meets Jan, a sweet and compassionate boy, and they get married.

As the years pass, Nazi advancement is beginning to become an unsettling reality, rather than just whispers. Miep soon finds herself sneaking the Franks to the annex over Otto’s offices in Amsterdam.

The final episode of the series includes a note revealing that Miep, who lived to be 100, frequently gave speeches emphasizing the ability of individuals to change the world. She goes on to say that “Even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can, in their own way, turn on a small light in a dark room”. Her words are as inspiring and uplifting as the show.

We follow many heroic stories in addition to Mieps’ journey. Jan is eventually enlisted in the Dutch rebellion as a result of his own attempts to smuggle ration cards for the Franks. There, he observes both direct and covert means by which his nation’s citizens resisted the Nazis. We also learn about the minor sacrifices other kind people endured along the way.

The cinematography in the show is simply breathtaking. Its gloomier tones and dark visuals take us back in time and give us a sense of what took place during the Fascist era. And yet, through it all, the emotional strengths are shrouded in a thick cloud. Despite the encouraging moments of hope as well as the momentary victory that make us think that the outcome might be different, we know how it ends. The goal, however, is to draw attention to courage rather than loss.

The richness of the connections the television series creates among the characters happens to be one of its finest qualities. Otto and Miep’s connection blossoms beautifully and is extremely heartfelt. The bond between Miep and Jan doesn’t initially start as an all-consuming love affair but as they partner up to fend off the Nazis, as well as aid their friends, it develops into something strong and profound.

The series features an outstanding performance from Powley, while the chemistry between Cole and Powley is evident especially as the story progresses and their innocence gives way to a solidified understanding of what they are required to do to protect others.

Joe Cole, who plays Jan Gies, is another noteworthy mention, portraying the husband of Miep. He is seen as her pillar of strength. His performance demonstrates his extraordinary acting range in spades. He is without a doubt one of the show’s best performers.

Otto,who is Miep’s boss as well as another Annex resident, is the show’s true foundation. The quiet man’s courage inspires Miep to show a bit of her own. The actor does an outstanding job of showcasing these qualities in this character, who communicates volumes through the subtlest murmurs.

With her brimming optimism for the years to come and the journal that eventually became among the most important works of Western literature, young Anne Frank is given some screen time in the show as well. Her viewpoint, however, is strictly minimized.

The story of bravery, resiliency, and tragedy is told innovatively, succeeding in keeping us on the edge of our seats the entire time while also educating us and passing on the tale to yet another generation. If you enjoy history and are looking for an endearing and well-written show to sink your teeth into, this is an absolute must-watch.

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  • Verdict - 9.5/10

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