A Small Light – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

What Can Be Saved

The supervisor of Opekta, Mr. Kuglar, leaves for office. His spouse made him a bag of sweet treats, which he is carrying with him. Kuglar joins Mr. Kleiman, Bep, as well as the remaining two employees when they get there early. He cheerfully shows off the sweet treats his partner made.

Soon after, Miep shows up, and everybody appears at ease and prepared to begin working for the day. Gestapo, however, storm into the office. They are threatening to shoot Miep as well as the others. As Miep, Bep, and Kleiman stay in the workplace, shaking and frightened, the Gestapo officers demand that Kuglar lead them through every room in the office complex. Bep escapes with some important documents after Kleiman requests her to.

One member of the Gestapo spots door traces around the floor within the structure. They get the impression that the shelf is a secret entrance to the annex, and demand Kuglar unlock the door. They even threaten to kill him.

When Kuglar blows a whistle close to the front entrance, the Franks quickly open it. The Van Pels family, the Franks, as well as Fritz Pfeffer, are taken into custody by the Nazis after spending almost two years in hiding. Although the Nazis lock up Kuglar and Kleiman, they beg them not to imprison Miep, claiming that she was unaware of the secret annex. However, Miep is unafraid to accept accountability.

A Gestapo soldier strikes up a discussion with Miep. The policeman is actually from Vienna. Miep receives some consideration from the Vienna-based officer, who spares her from being imprisoned. She tries but can’t stop the Franks from being taken.

The families of Frank and Pels, in addition to Fritz, Kuglar and Kleiman, are stuffed into a police vehicle as Jan nervously watches. He starts to worry when he doesn’t see Miep.

In the afternoon, Jan goes back to the workplace and finds some comfort after coming across Miep. Later, when Bep as well as the remaining hidden people come back to the workplace complex, they discover that the Nazis have taken away the Franks as well as the others.

Miep and Jan struggle to come up with a plan to get the imprisoned Frank, Pels, as well as Pfeffer families out of the Nazis’ hands. They understand that they have few options, though. Miep suggests bribing them with a sizable sum of cash in the hopes that they will free the captives.

Kuno decides to move out of Miep’s house out of concern for his well-being. He packs all of his belongings and leaves. Jan and Miep put in a lot of effort to put together a sizable sum of money. Since he wants to keep his wife safe, Jan initially insists on going alone. Miep contends, however, that the Viennese policeman will do her a favor because she too is from Vienna.

The Episode Review

The episode, as well as the entire show, goes further than simply showcasing the battle, the Nazis, and the misery of the Jews. It explores more profound, heartfelt, and touching themes like grief, survivors’ guilt, and sacrifice.

Even though we know what will happen to the Franks in the end, the show manages to keep a gripping, mysterious and thrilling feel throughout.

We are left with a heavy heart after witnessing the tragic and unsettling scene of the Nazis arresting the Jews. It is painful to see Anne Frank leave the building while looking up at the sky with her eyes full of tears. She catches a view of the world around her after years, but she is unable to fully take it all in.

What makes the show bearable are the small glimpses of hope and noble deeds, even on the part of the Nazis. For instance, the Gestapo representative from Vienna didn’t arrest Miep. As a result, Miep and Jan managed to overcome their difficulties and carry on living alongside each other in Amsterdam for the remainder of their lives.

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